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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos

October 2018

  • Began phase 1 mass evacuation and building pad work
  • Piled crushed concrete to use as site rock
  • Continued underground utility placement
  • Salvaged and protected glu-lam beams
  • Opened phase 2 bids
  • Continued phase 2 permit process 

September 2018

  • Completed phase 1 abatement and demolition work
  • Started utility work
  • Solicited bids for phase 2 work
  • Continued phase 2 permit process

August 2018

  • The move to the interim site at Original Van Asselt was completed.
  • Phase 2 design work continued.
  • OSPI form D and city permit process continued. 

May 2018

  • Continued Phase 2 construction document design review
  • Continue street improvement permit process
  • Continued OSPI D form process
  • Continued permit process for Phase 1 and 2
  • Completed construction contract for Phase 1
  • Continued interim location coordination 

April 2018

  • Continued Phase 2 Construction Design (CD) design review 
  • Continued Street Improvement Plan (SIP) 
  • Continued OSPI D form process 
  • Continued Phase 1 and 2 permit process 
  • Completed Phase 1 bid opening 
  • Continued interim location coordination

March 2018

  • Advertised Phase 1 for bid 
  • Continuing Construction Document (CD) design effort 
  • Continuing Street Improvement Plan (SIP) process 
  • Completed Department of Neighborhoods Departures process 
  • Continued OSPI D7 process 
  • Continued interim location coordination

February 2018

  • Received Form D6 from Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. (OSPI)
  • Held meeting #1 for Department of Neighborhood Committee for departures.
  • Continued construction document design efforts.
  • Started Form D7 effort for OSPI.
  • Received site specific education specifications review and approval from the Seattle School Board.
  • Scheduled meetings with the design team.
  • Scheduled Old Van Asselt (OVA) classrooms (portables) procurement and placement Continued Wing Luke to OVA move coordination efforts.

January 2018

  • Determination of Non-Significance (DNS): The Wing Luke Hearing Examiner issued findings, conclusions and decision recommendation to the Superintendent.
  • The Superintendent has affirmed the DNS.
  • Continued construction documents design effort.
  • SEPA appeal decision issued.
  • Submitted Street Improvement Plan.
  • Began coordination with Department of Neighborhoods for the Departures Process.
  • Continued interim location coordination.

December 2017

  • The Wing Luke project team completed SEPA activities and held an appeals hearing.
  • Continued construction document design work and met with the PTA at the school.

November 2017

  • Review of the Design Development documents budget was completed.
  • Construction Document design work began.
  • Contract negotiation were underway.

October 2017

  • Design Development completed.
  • Design review continued.
  • The SEPA Determination of Non-Significance was released and the decision was appealed.

August 2017

  • Design development continues and design review with stake holders has been completed.
  • The Value Engineering and estimate reconciliation was completed.
  • The Master Use Permit has been submitted to the City of Seattle.

June 2017

  • Design Development and design review with stakeholders continues.
  • The SEPA check list was completed and reviewed by the district.
  • The value engineering kick-off meeting was held.
  • Review of the project budget by a third party is nearly complete.
  • Completed a design review with district maintenance team.

May 2017

  • Continued Design Development phase.
  • Design review with stake holders is ongoing.
  • Completed the SEPA checklist.
  • Set Value Engineering meeting dates.

March 2017

  • Schematic Design was 70% to 75% complete.
  • The School Board approved the contract with NAC Architecture.
  • Project meetings continued.
  • The topographical survey and the tree survey were completed.
  • Geotechnical work was done.
  • Design review continues.
  • The SEPA Checklist activities were ongoing.

June 2018

  • Executed phase 1 construction contract for demolition and sitework
  • Completed phase 1 permitting 
  • Issued notice to proceed for phase 1   
  • Continued phase 2 design 
  • Began move to interim location
  • Began constructability review 

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