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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos

January 2019

Phase I utility work and site preparation complete. Site is secure and prepared for winter.

Site: Mulching and protection of the significant trees on site is complete and being maintained. Retention ponds completed and functioning. 

Building: Placement of crushed concrete for building pads, entry points and as site rock completed. Glulam beams and logs were salvaged and continue to be protected on-site. Building pad construction complete. Step excavation completed. Baker tanks delivered, connected and functioning.
Phase II bids to be opened in February.

December 2018

Site: Phase I site now scheduled for temporary power in January. Earthwork contractor continues activities on site (weather dependent). Continued underground utility placement and final hard space pad placement. Retention ponds completed and working. Site is secure.

Building: Crushed concrete used for building pads, entry points and used as site rock. Glu-lam beams and logs have been salvaged for reuse and are protected on-site. Building pad construction area overlaid with crushed rock and compacted. Step excavation completed.

November 2018

  • Continued utility work and site earthwork
  • Mulched and protected significant trees on site
  • Completed retention ponds 
  • Crushed concrete will be used for building pads, entry points and as site rock
  • Salvaged and protected glu-lam beams and logs
  • Overlaid building pad layout with crushed rock
  • Excavating for steps
  • Phase 2 forms and permit process underway

October 2018

  • Began phase 1 mass evacuation and building pad work
  • Piled crushed concrete to use as site rock
  • Continued underground utility placement
  • Salvaged and protected glu-lam beams
  • Opened phase 2 bids
  • Continued phase 2 permit process 

September 2018

  • Completed phase 1 abatement and demolition work
  • Started utility work
  • Solicited bids for phase 2 work
  • Continued phase 2 permit process

August 2018

  • The move to the interim site at Original Van Asselt was completed.
  • Phase 2 design work continued.
  • OSPI form D and city permit process continued. 

May 2018

  • Continued Phase 2 construction document design review
  • Continue street improvement permit process
  • Continued OSPI D form process
  • Continued permit process for Phase 1 and 2
  • Completed construction contract for Phase 1
  • Continued interim location coordination 

April 2018

  • Continued Phase 2 Construction Design (CD) design review 
  • Continued Street Improvement Plan (SIP) 
  • Continued OSPI D form process 
  • Continued Phase 1 and 2 permit process 
  • Completed Phase 1 bid opening 
  • Continued interim location coordination

March 2018

  • Advertised Phase 1 for bid 
  • Continuing Construction Document (CD) design effort 
  • Continuing Street Improvement Plan (SIP) process 
  • Completed Department of Neighborhoods Departures process 
  • Continued OSPI D7 process 
  • Continued interim location coordination

February 2018

  • Received Form D6 from Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. (OSPI)
  • Held meeting #1 for Department of Neighborhood Committee for departures.
  • Continued construction document design efforts.
  • Started Form D7 effort for OSPI.
  • Received site specific education specifications review and approval from the Seattle School Board.
  • Scheduled meetings with the design team.
  • Scheduled Old Van Asselt (OVA) classrooms (portables) procurement and placement Continued Wing Luke to OVA move coordination efforts.

January 2018

  • Determination of Non-Significance (DNS): The Wing Luke Hearing Examiner issued findings, conclusions and decision recommendation to the Superintendent.
  • The Superintendent has affirmed the DNS.
  • Continued construction documents design effort.
  • SEPA appeal decision issued.
  • Submitted Street Improvement Plan.
  • Began coordination with Department of Neighborhoods for the Departures Process.
  • Continued interim location coordination.

December 2017

  • The Wing Luke project team completed SEPA activities and held an appeals hearing.
  • Continued construction document design work and met with the PTA at the school.

November 2017

  • Review of the Design Development documents budget was completed.
  • Construction Document design work began.
  • Contract negotiation were underway.

October 2017

  • Design Development completed.
  • Design review continued.
  • The SEPA Determination of Non-Significance was released and the decision was appealed.

August 2017

  • Design development continues and design review with stake holders has been completed.
  • The Value Engineering and estimate reconciliation was completed.
  • The Master Use Permit has been submitted to the City of Seattle.

June 2017

  • Design Development and design review with stakeholders continues.
  • The SEPA check list was completed and reviewed by the district.
  • The value engineering kick-off meeting was held.
  • Review of the project budget by a third party is nearly complete.
  • Completed a design review with district maintenance team.

May 2017

  • Continued Design Development phase.
  • Design review with stake holders is ongoing.
  • Completed the SEPA checklist.
  • Set Value Engineering meeting dates.

March 2017

  • Schematic Design was 70% to 75% complete.
  • The School Board approved the contract with NAC Architecture.
  • Project meetings continued.
  • The topographical survey and the tree survey were completed.
  • Geotechnical work was done.
  • Design review continues.
  • The SEPA Checklist activities were ongoing.

June 2018

  • Executed phase 1 construction contract for demolition and sitework
  • Completed phase 1 permitting 
  • Issued notice to proceed for phase 1   
  • Continued phase 2 design 
  • Began move to interim location
  • Began constructability review 

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