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Planning & Construction Updates

November 2016

Completed punch list items, and processed the closeout paperwork. Commissioning continued.

October 2016

Punchlist work was underway. Commissioning continued.

September 2016

Landscaping and playground installation were underway. The punchlist was generated and the contractor began addressing those items. Training and introduction to the new building for SPS staff was completed. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new building on Sept. 2. Students began school in the new building on Sept. 7, 2016.

August 2016

Interior and exterior building work, and landscaping continued. The building inspections were completed and a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy obtained. Commissioning and punchlist work was underway.

June 2016

Seattle City Light installed the meter and has scheduled for installation of transformers and permanent power. Exterior siding and store front installation continue. Finish floor material is being installed. Work continues on installation of low voltage data cable acoustic ceiling, light fixtures and windows.

May 2016

Widening of 18th Ave is complete. Seattle City Light installed the meter and has scheduled installation of transformers and permanent power. The exterior weather barrier has been installed, and exterior siding installation continues. Steel erection for the vestibule is done. Work continues on finish floor materials installation, low-voltage data cable installation and acoustic ceiling installation.

April 2016

Work to widen 18th Street continues. An underground storage tank has been removed from the right-of-way. Hardscape has been prepared for asphalt. Exterior weather barrier has been installed. Interior painting is underway, and boiler installation is ongoing. Electrical switch gear, the air handling unit and acoustical ceiling installation is underway.

March 2016

Fire sprinkler installation continues. The Seattle City Light transformer vault has been installed. Boiler installation is complete. The concrete foundation has been installed for the entry vestibule.

Feburary 2016

Interior wood framing and mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-in continues. Fire sprinkler installation is in progress. Work continues on exterior framing of the addition, and the pre-fabricated structural, insulated roof panel has been installed. Doorframes are in place. Exterior masonry restoration is in progress. Mechanical ductwork installation is ongoing, and boiler room painting is in progress.

January 2016

Work continues on interior wood framing, mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) rough-in, mechanical duct work and exterior masonry restoration. Fire sprinkler installation is underway. Exterior framing for the addition is ongoing. The pre-fabricated structural insulated roof panel has been installed on the new addition. The doorframes have been delivered. Boiler room wall sack and patch for paint is in progress.

December 2015

Interior metal and wood framing continues. Rough in of mechanical/electrical/plumbing is ongoing. Work continues on structural steel erection and exterior framing of additions. Installed post indicator valve and fire riser. Completed storm water connection to city. Temporary heat is now operational in the building. Completed the concrete masonry unit wall. Mechanical equipment will be delivered in late March and installation of mechanical ductwork continues.

November 2015

Demolition is 95 percent complete. Roughing in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). Completed concrete work with all footings, stem walls and slabs poured. Erecting structural steel erection and installing structural wood framing. The roof panels have been delivered. Constructing concrete masonry block wall. Mechanical equipment to be delivered in mid-March.

October 2015

Abatement is 100 percent complete and demolition is 96 percent complete. The construction team is working on underground plumbing and utilities. The concrete footings and stem walls for new commons addition are complete and the concrete slab has been poured for new commons addition. Seattle City Light electrical service design has been completed. The city has issued the street improvement permit.

September 2015

Abatement and demolition are underway and will be completed next month. Temporary shoring was installed. The underground plumbing and utilities for the addition (area B) is ongoing. An underground grease interceptor for the kitchen area of area B has been installed.

August 2015

In August, demolition and abatement began. Footings were excavated for the new addition on the north side of the school. Water service was tied into the street for the fire sprinklers. Seattle City Light installed temporary construction power after disconnecting the existing power to the building.

July 2015

Construction permits were issued in July and the Notice to Proceed given to the contractor. The general contractor began on-site mobilization and demolition is expected to begin in August.

June 2015

In June, the contractor was selected and approved by the Seattle School Board. The city’s Department of Planning and Development issued the building permit. The tenant in the building moved out, and salvage work/building cleanout made it ready for the contractor.

May 2015

Construction bids were opened and work began on the contract. The building permit is under review by the Department of Planning and Development.

April 2015

The building permit is in review. The bid opening is scheduled for May.

March 2015

Bid documents have been advertised and the Master Use Permit (MUP) decision is complete. The MUP comment period is underway. The building permit is in review by the city’s Department of Planning and Development.

February 2015

Held final design review meetings for the construction documents. The SEPA process continues. Building permit review is underway and the Master Use Permit
(MUP) review continues.

December 2014

The SEPA decision has been appealed and a hearing date scheduled. The permitting process continues and the Department of Planning and Development has begun the environmental review.

November 2014

Design review and permitting work continues. Construction and permit drawings are in process and other documents, including the SEPA, are final.

October 2014

Construction and permit drawings are in process. The Draft SEPA for public comment has been completed.

September 2014

This month, permitting work continued. The SEPA was distributed for public comment and the SEPA public meeting was held. 

August 2014

The Seattle School Board approved the Educational Specification. The SEPA period is underway with the draft checklist issued for public comment. Design and planning continues.

July 2014

SEPA Draft Checklist review continues. The constructability review RFP was advertised.

June 2014

The Educational Specification Board Action was scheduled. The additional funding board action is ongoing. Draft SEPA checklist internal review and value engineering are both ongoing. The commissioning contract has been awarded.

May 2014

SEPA draft checklist prepared; design and permitting continues.

April 2014

The project team has been preparing various forms required for the State Matching Grant process. Work has begun on the SEPA Check List, Value Engineering and Design Development.

March 2014

  • Completed contract for SEPA consultant
  • Completed contract for Value Engineering consultant
  • Design Development has begun
  • Decision on funding for Model #2 of design

February 2014

  • School Design Advisory Team workshop #5 has been completed.
  • Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) state match D-3 form completed and sent to OSPI.
  • Schematic Design submittal from TCF Architecture due.
  • A contract with EHSI for HazMat consultant was completed.
  • The contract with Studio Meng for boiler assessment was completed.

January 2014

  • School Design Advisory Team Workshop #5 held.
  • Schematic Design work continued.
  • The project schedule was completed.
  • A lease termination letter was sent to tenants at TT Minor

December 2013

  • School Design Advisory Team Workshop #3
  • School Design Advisory Team Workshop #4
  • Schematic Design begins
  • Bring on Survey consultant

November 2013

  • Site tour of TT Minor with School Design Advisory Team (SDAT)
  • School Design Advisory Team Work Shop #2

October 2013

  • Meeting with Friends of World School to discuss comments from meeting with Superintendent Banda
  • Design Meeting with Health Clinic Provider
  • School Design Advisory Team Work Shop #1 completed

September 2013

  • Meeting with Principle and Design Group to form SDAT.
  • Developing the Educational Specifications
  • Meeting with Director of ESL, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Capital and Friends of World School to discuss overall goals of World School.

August 2013

The project team met with the principal and design group to form the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) for this project. A meeting was held with Director of ESL, Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Capital to discuss overall goals of the World School.

July 2013

Planning is underway to form the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) for this project. The site-specific education specifications are being developed.

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