Planning & Construction Updates

November 2016

Punch list items were being completed. Commissioning continued and closeout paperwork was underway.

October 2016

Construction team completed site fencing and was working on punchlist items. Training and introduction to the new building for SPS staff was completed.

September 2016

Landscaping and playground installation were underway. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for on Sept. 1. Students began school in the new building on Sept. 7, 2016. The punchlist was generated and the contractor began addressing those items. Training and introduction to the new building systems was completed. A warranty item list and notification began.

August 2016

Interior and exterior building contract work completed, and landscaping work was underway. Building inspections were completed and the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy obtained. Punchlist and commissioning work was underway.

June 2016

All exterior site footings and retaining walls; gypsum wallboard taping and finishing; and elevator installation are all complete, as is finish painting and exterior metal siding. Carpet and flooring are nearly completed.

May 2016

The curb and gutter in the right-of-way is complete, as is exterior block work. Permanent site power is now live. The “blue skin” air barrier is complete. All gypsum wallboard has been hung. Electrical, HVAC and plumbing rough in is finished and all cabinet, grid ceilings and tile work in the classroom building is done.

April 2016

Side sewers have been installed. Exterior metal stud framing and air barrier installation are complete. Rough-in for electrical, HVAC and plumbing is complete at the gym commons building Block work is done for the library and art rooms, and continues at the covered play area. Gypsum wallboard hanging is complete in the library and art areas. Metal siding installation is nearly complete on the classroom building.

March 2016

The transformer was set in the loading dock area and energized. Exterior metal stud framing is complete and interior framing ongoing at gym/commons. Rough-in is complete for electrical, HVAC and plumbing at library/art building. Block work has been completed at the classroom area and library/art rooms. Gypsum wallboard is complete in the classroom areas. Metal siding started on the classroom building.

February 2016

The transformer pad was set in the loading dock area. Metal stud framing has been completed in the library/art and gym/commons areas. The air barrier has been installed on the classroom/library and art classroom buildings. Exterior sheeting is complete on the gym/commons building. Electrical, heating/ventilation (HVAC) and plumbing rough-in is complete in the classroom building. Roofing is complete on all buildings and block work is nearly done on the classroom building.

January 2016

Completed main line utilities and access roads at the loading dock area. All concrete slabs-on-grade and slabs-on-metal decking are complete. Finished metal-stud framing for all floors of the classroom building, the exterior of the library/art room and the gym/commons buildings. Completed exterior sheeting and rough-in for electrical, HVAC and plumbing on the classroom building.

December 2015

Started main line utilities and access roads at the loading dock area. Set electrical utility vaults at the north end of the site. Metal stud framing continues at all floors of the classroom building. Started metal stud framing on the exterior of the library/art room building. Exterior sheeting continues on the classroom building. Sheetrock work continues on the classroom building first and second floor. Roofing continues on the gym and covered play areas. Electrical, HVAC and plumbing continue at classroom and library buildings.

November 2015

Completed under slab utilities in and around all buildings. Completed structural steel erection on all buildings. Metal stud framing and exterior sheeting continues at the classroom building. Started sheetrock in the first floor of the classroom building. Completed roofing of the classroom building. Roofing continues on the library building. Installing electrical, mechanical and plumbing in the classroom and library buildings.

October 2015

The under slab utilities are nearly completed in and around all buildings. All concrete footings, foundations and walls, as well as structural steel erection are complete for all buildings. Roof decking is done on the gym/commons building. Roofing ongoing on the classroom and library buildings. Metal stud framing continues at all floors of the classroom building, and exterior sheeting has started. Work continues on the electrical, heating ventilation and cooling, and plumbing inside the classroom and library buildings.

September 2015

This month, structural steel erection on the classroom and kitchen buildings was completed. Also completed this month: concrete footings, foundations and walls for the library and gym/commons; floor decking for the kitchen/library building; floor slabs on the first and second floors of the classroom building; and deep underground and under slab utilities on all buildings. Major structural steel work continues on the gym/commons and the music/band wing. Electrical and plumbing is underway in the classroom building and metal stud layout and framing have begun.

August 2015

Footings, foundations and walls in the kitchen and gym/commons areas are ongoing at the Pinehurst School site. In August, the construction team also completed floor decking complete on the classroom building and prepped for a concrete pour. Floor slabs in the classroom and gym areas being prepared for concrete pour. Installation of deep underground and under-slab utilities is ongoing.

Major structural steel installation was completed on the three-story classroom building, and structural steel welding and bolting continues.

July 2015

In July, work continued to form and pour footings, foundations and stem walls for the classroom, kitchen and gym/commons areas. Final shoring and concrete pouring is complete to the existing retaining wall along Pinehurst Way in preparation for the new gym/commons retaining wall. Using a crane, structural steel is being installed in the classroom building and steel will continue to be delivered for the project during August.

June 2015

Furniture selection and procurement meetings have been completed. Work continues on footings, foundations and stem wall steel and concrete. The work to shore the existing retaining wall has been completed. Concrete was poured on the large X-brace footings. Damp-proofing of the exterior foundation and work on deep underground and under-slab utilities started.

May 2015

The geothermal wells and main piping are installed and ready for the next steps. The phase II contractor has taken over the site and the construction trailers and temporary power is set. Trenching is underway for foundation footings and the team has started to install rebar/structural steel for the foundation walls. The construction team continues to pour concrete for footings and stem walls. The Hazel Wolf K-8 community participated in a small ground-breaking ceremony.

April 2015

Fine grading earthwork and the geo-thermal wells are complete. The Seattle School Board approved the intent to construct and constructability review. After receiving the phase II building permit, a notice to proceed was issued to the phase II contractor. Closeout of phase I began.

March 2015

The phase I demolition, mass excavation and building pads rock base are completed. The water detention vault is complete. The school board has approved the phase II construction contract and the board action reports related to the beginning of construction have been introduced.

February 2015

Phase I demolition is complete. The bid opening for phase II took place on Feb. 5. The change order for the 100 percent geothermal system has been routed for school board approval.

December 2014

Phase I, demolition is on hold until the Master Use Permit is received. This phase is expected to start in January pending permits. The inadvertent discovery plan report has been received. Work continues on documents, permits and planning for phase II.

November 2014

Document submittal and review continues. The Master Use Permit appeal has been received and an appeal hearing scheduled for Dec. 8. Phase I construction (abatement, demolition and site work) is on hold until the Master Use Permit is released.

October 2014

The Master Use Permits (MUP) for Phase I and II are complete and have been appealed. Phase I construction (abatement, demolition, site work) awaits the MUP hearing. Construction documents phase has been completed to 95% 
and the constructability review of those documents is complete. The project inadvertent discovery plan is complete.

September 2014

Constructability drawings were submitted for review. The Master Use Permit review for phase 1 was completed and the Master Use Permit for phase 2 is under review by the Department of Planning and Development. Abatement, demolition and site work (phase 1 construction) continues.

The Construction Documents phase was completed to 95% and the Master Use Permit appeal process began with the last day to comment being Oct. 2. Documents were submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

August 2014

Permitting and documents work continues. The phase 1 contract for abatement, demolition, and site work has been issued.

July 2014

The Master Use Permit for the first two phases is being reviewed by the city Department of Planning and Development. The contract for Phase 1 (Abatement, Demolition, Site work) was executed and the contractor has been moving on site for phase 1. Additional permitting and document preparation continues. The SEPA/DNS appeals hearing occurred, and a decision is forthcoming.

June 2014

The SEPA process, planning and permitting continues. Phase I (abatement, demolition and site work) bids were opened and a contract has been issued for the winning bidder to review. Phase I was introduced to the Board for action at a July board meeting.

May 2014

SEPA checklist comment period ended with four comments; the City Department of Planning and Development (DPD) review was completed with no comments. Planning and permitting continues. The Phase #1 (abatement, demolition, site work) design documents are out for bid.

April 2014

The Draft SEPA Checklist has been advertised for comment. Departures were completed. The preliminary Master Use Permit intake and Draft SEPA are being reviewed by the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD).

Thermal conductivity testing for geothermal system is complete.

Design meetings were held with Early Learning staff. Phase #1 (Abatement, Demolition, Site work) design documents were put out for bid.

March 2014

The SEPA Checklist has been completed pending advertisement. The Design Development documents are 100% complete. Departures meeting #1 has been completed. Thermal conductivity testing was done. Design and color review meeting held with School Principal/design team. Phase #1 (Abatement, Demolition, Site work) design documents have been prepared.

February 2014

The environmental/traffic consultant completed work on SEPA Checklist. Design Development continued. The preliminary MUP intake and draft SEPA were turned into the City. A thermal conductivity test well was drilled for possible geothermal field.
Commissioning contract started. Continued planning and permitting meetings with the City of Seattle. Design meetings held with Teaching/Learning, Libraries, Special Ed. and Science staff. Design review meetings held with school Principal and staff.

Janaury 2014

The environmental/traffic consultant continued work on SEPA Checklist.
 Design Development began.
The Schematic Design estimate review has been completed.
Preliminary MUP (Master Use Permit) intake sent to the City.
Building Envelope consultant contracts routed for signatures. The
Commissioning contract started.
Continued Owner and District meetings.
Continued planning and permitting meetings with the City of Seattle for MUP.

December 2013

Work continued on the SEPA checklist. Review of the schematic design estimate is nearly complete. The contract arborist consultant has produced a site tree report.

August 2013

The Value Engineering consultant contract was executed. A community meeting was held at the Jane Addams building. Information continues to be posted to the project website. A Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) project number was issued. Schematic design work continues based on the preferred concept design. The design team prepared a concept design estimate; the project team is reviewing. The hazardous materials consultant began research and surveying the existing conditions.

July 2013

The conceptual design was approved and the design team held weekly meetings. A community engagement and outreach meeting was held on July 30. Work continued on site-specific education specifications. The conceptual design was reviewed by Teaching and Learning and by the Operations Committee.

June 2013

School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) meetings 5 and 6 were held and the SDAT approved the conceptual design. A community engagement and outreach meeting was held. Meetings continued for review and approval of site-specific education specifications. Conceptual designs were reviewed with school district departments.

May 2013

The School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) met three times this month and will continue to do so in June. One of the meetings was devoted to touring four schools to gain ideas about school design. Parents and the community participated in a Town Hall meeting about the project on May 28. 

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