Pinehurst School (to house Hazel Wolf K-8)

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Hazel Wolf K8 Main Entrance

Address: 11530 12th Avenue NE, Seattle


The Pinehurst School building opened in the 1950’s. This project demolishes the old building and replaces it with a new building to house the Hazel Wolf K–8 program (formerly the Jane Addams K–8 program).


$39.2 million

Project Description

This project builds a new K-8 school building on the site of the previously existing Pinehurst School. The new school will be approximately 83,000 square feet and accommodate up to 680 students. It will include classrooms clustered around a shared learning area and art, music, science labs, childcare, library and gymnasium.

Demolition and site preparation (phase I) included demolition of the existing school building, installation of storm water facilities, installation of the ground loop wells; and, preparation of the building pad.

Construction Methods

The building will be constructed using concrete spread footings and stem walls, a structural steel frame with light gage metal stud walls for future flexibility and a masonry veneer with architectural metal siding as an accent and a built-up roofing system. Interior finishes include acoustical ceiling tile, painted gypsum wallboard, built-in casework and carpet, resilient tile and ceramic tile flooring. Site development will include natural turf ball fields, hard and soft play areas with play equipment, landscaping and new curbs and sidewalks around portions of the site.

Sustainable Features

Energy efficiency will be achieved through a highly efficient building envelope design, daylight response controls, heat recovery and a ground loop heat pump system. Energy monitoring displays and the sustainable features of the building will be used to create awareness and learning opportunities for students.

A letter from the state Department of Enterprise Services, sent to the district in Dec. 2014, reports that overall heat loss for the building is calculated to be 13 percent better than the minimum performance required by Washington State Energy Code.

School Design: NAC | Architecture
Construction Management: Heery International

Schedule Overview

Design work start: June 2013

Phase I construction (demolition and site preparation) start: January 2015

Phase II construction estimated start: Spring 2015

Estimated school opening: Fall 2016

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