Other Projects

Security Cameras

Security cameras were installed at 19 schools: Addams (Jane) Middle School, Ballard High School, Cascadia Elementary/Robert Eagle Staff Middle School/Licton Springs K-8 campus, Cleveland High School, Eckstein Middle School, Franklin High School, Garfield High School, Kurose (Aki) Middle School, Madison Middle School, McClure Middle School, Meany Middle School, Mercer Middle School, Nova High School at Mann, Rainier Beach High School, Seattle World School at T.T. Minor, South Lake High School, Washington Middle School, West Seattle High School, Whitman Middle School.

Lunchroom Additions 

Lunchroom additions were constructed at two elementary schools: Green Lake Elementary and McGilvra Elementary

Roofing Projects

Full or partial roof replacements were completed at five schools: Gatewood Elementary, Laurelhurst Elementary, Eckstein Middle School, Franklin High School, Whitman Middle School


Field and track improvements were made at Eckstein Middle School. Work is underway at Cleveland High School. Track upgrades were made at Ballard High School. Field improvements were made at Thornton Creek Elementary and View Ridge Elementary.


Master plans have been developed for a future downtown elementary school and high school. Master plans are created using the district’s educational specifications for the type of school and allow the district to analyze site and building costs to determine if a property is economically viable for a school. Master plans are not school designs. The schools will eventually go through a school-specific design and planning process after funds are allocated to the project.

Classroom Technology

  • New Learning Management System: Schoology and other learning management systems have been deployed to enable teachers to post assignments, videos, web materials, links, and assessments to aid in student learning. Annual support and professional development improve teaching and learning with this platform.
  • Multi-tiered student support system (MTSS): Staff developed MTSS practices and procedures across all schools using new platforms for assessment, data analysis, and planning and teaching based on data to meet the needs of each student.
  • Replaced end-of-life computers: Student computers five years and older were replaced.
  • Parent and teacher portal complete: New district and school websites were deployed with more functionality while meeting ADA requirements to improve community engagement.
  • Teacher professional development: Dedicated instructional technology staff and professional development time for certificated staff to provide support for device, software, and pedagogy initiatives. 
  • Innovation grants: Grants deployed at high schools to support high school revisioning.

Academic/Business Operations Technology

  • Improved Business Processes: Adoption of Office 365, online productivity platform to improve productivity and collaboration using applications and online resources.
  • Legal Requirements: The district's website was transferred to School Messenger, bringing enhancements and satisfying ADA requirements. Office 365 and Rational Governance adopted for document and email retention compliance.
  • Business and Student Information Systems: Systems upgraded and supported with added features for usability, compliance, and engagement.
  • Enhanced reporting: New public and district reports and dashboards deployed. 
  • Automated business processes: Improved process to streamline Human Resources and Operations.

Technology Infrastructure

  • Wireless: Installed wireless network at every school. 
  • Upgraded networks: Core Data Center environment upgraded to virtualize over 900 servers resulting in improved redundancy and more secure applications and online resources. 
  • Built out disaster recovery: Backup, redundancy, and resilience of the data systems put in place in case of disaster. 
  • Upgraded servers: Installed three centralized servers connected to back-end storage with high-capacity disks to support retention of all security video camera content. 

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