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Planning & Construction Updates

August 2015

In August, Nova administration and teaching staff were moved to the building including unpacking and setup. Final furniture deliveries
were received and the kitchen set up was completed.

July 2015

Nova High School has been moved to their new home at the Mann Building. Student computers are set up and final punch list items are being worked on. School opens Sept. 9, 2015 in the renovated building and addition.

June 2015

In June, Nova High School was moved into the building and student computers set up. The Health Department issued the operational permit for the kitchen. The architect issued the back punch list to the contractor.

April 2015

In April, furniture move-in and computer installation began as the first phase of the move of Nova Alternative High School into the newly renovated building and the addition.

March 2015

Commissioning is complete and furniture move-in took place in March. Some punch list items are being completed.

February 2015

The project has reached substantial completion and is in the commissioning process.

December 2014

The project team is addressing punch list items and working on commissioning. Final inspections are expected in January.

November 2014

Landscaping and rain garden installation has been completed. The fire alarm and suppression system has been installed, and the heating and ventilation system has been tested and balanced. Interior work, asphalt parking lot and exterior concrete work have all been completed.

October 2014

The concrete stairs and other exterior concrete, and the asphalt parking lot are complete. The air handling unit and boiler were started, and Puget Sound Energy connected the natural gas. Interior millwork finishes continue.

September 2014

This month the following items were completed:

  • North, South and West exterior concrete stairs
  • Permanent Power by Seattle City Light
  • Gas meter installation by Puget Sound Energy
  • Boiler room pipe/equipment installation 

Work continues on the interior millwork finishes, asphalt parking lot, exterior concrete, exterior lighting, and landscaping.

August 2014

In August the construction team completed sheet rock installation in the addition, finished elevator installation, installed acoustic ceiling tile and light fixtures, connected the sewer and storm water systems and finished the off-site work on sidewalk improvements.

July 2014

In the new addition, sheetrock went up and the elevator was installed. Major mechanical work installation, and interior and exterior painting are ongoing. The siding on the new addition was completed.

June 2014

June work included installation of roofing material and completion of the major storm water and sanitary sewer hook up. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work continues. In the historical building, drywall installation has begun. On the new addition, the windows have been installed and siding is underway. The contractor began interior and exterior painting.

May 2014

Roof framing complete on the new addition; major storm water and sanitary sewer utility hook up to City system started; mechanical, electrical and plumbing continues; drywall installation began in the historic building and siding on that building is now complete; the major mechanical air handling unit was delivered and installed in the addition.

April 2014

Seattle City Light installed three-phase power. First floor and second floor framing for the new addition is complete and roof framing has begun. The rough in of mechanical, electrical and plumbing is ongoing. Major storm water and sanitary sewer utility hook up to City system has started. Dry wall installation has begun in the historical building.

March 2014

This month work included siding installation on the west elevation of the historic building. The shot crete (sprayed on concrete) installation on the foundation of the historical building has been completed. The crew completed the first and second floor framing for the new addition and the interior frame work for the historic building. Window refurbishment and rough-in of mechanical, electrical and plumbing are ongoing. Work started on connecting the major storm water and sanitary sewer to City system. Structural modifications to the historic building are nearing completion.

February 2014

The building foundation for the addition is complete. Steel delivery and steel erection for the addition continues. The siding removal and siding installation has begun on the historical building. Window refurbishment is ongoing. Sprayed on concrete (usually referred to as Shot Crete) is being installed on the foundation of the historical building.

January 2014

The interior abatement work and demolition is complete. Work continues on the building foundation for the addition, utility relocation, plumbing and electrical and window refurbishment.

December 2013

  • Pre-construction meetings with City of Seattle
  • Weekly construction/owner meetings
  • Construction demolition and abatement
  • Site work and mass excavation of foundation for addition

November 2013

  • Gained site access
  • Construction mobilization
  • Pre-construction Meeting
  • Weekly construction/owner meetings
  • Construction demolition
  • Construction Project Master Schedule review on going.

October 2013

  • Administration pre-construction meeting held.
  • Construction Submittal process started.
  • Construction Request For Information process started.
  • Construction Change Order Proposal process started.
  • Construction Project Master Schedule review on going.
  • Tenant lease negotiations on going.
  • Construction on standby due to tenant lease agreement negotiations.

September 2013

August 2013

July 2013

Landmark Certificate of Approval awarded. Completed bid opening and bid evaluation. Tracking Master Use Permit and Building Permit for approval by start of construction.

June 2013

The public notice was issued for the Master Use Permit. 

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