Planning & Construction Updates

October 2017

Completed the card access and security system, audio-visual systems for the stage, and exterior lighting.

August 2017

The renovated school was substantially complete. Elected officials, school board members and Superintendent Nyland toured the building in mid-August. A ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the building was held on Thursday, August 31 with public tours following.

June 2017

The metal siding has been installed. Fire sprinklers are complete. Landscaping is underway in the east courtyard.

May 2017

Installed front entry canopy framing. Sanded and prepped cafeteria wood floors for finish. Finished installing windows. 

March 2017

The windows were completed in sectors 1 and 4. Painting had been finished in sector 4 and most of sector 1. 

February 2017

Drywall was completed in sectors 1, 2, 3 and 5. 

January 2017

This month the framing in sectors 1, 2 and 3, and lighting in sectors 1 and 4 were completed. The classroom ceiling grid has been installed. 

December 2016

Demolition continued throughout the building. Painting has been completed in sectors 1 and 4. 

November 2016

Demolition took place throughout the building. Abatement of known hazardous and asbestos materials is complete. 

October 2016

The fire sprinkler in the 1954 wing was 70% complete. Demolition began in the boiler room. 

September 2016

The drywall in the 1954 wing was 90% installed. Heating controls have been roughed in in the 1954 wing. 

August 2016

Wall frame/shear installation was complete. In the 1954 wing, plumbing rough in was nearly complete. Demolition was done for the new main entry and of the chimney. 

June 2016

Project has the majority of abatement and demolition complete in 1954 wing. Wall framing will be complete in 1954 wing as well as electrical and mechanical rough in most areas next month.

May 2016

Work is underway in the 1954 wing: windows were removed, slab cutting is complete and 90% of demolition has occurred.

April 2016

Western Ventures has been authorized to proceed with construction on the 1954 wing. Seattle Public Utilities installed the 6-inch waterline tap for new fire service to facility. Mechanical/electrical/plumbing submittals are under review. E-Rate documentation has been submitted.

March 2016

The construction contract has been approved and executed. The Seattle School Board approved a budget transfer. OSPI Form D-10.1 was received.

February 2016

The project was publically bid and the apparent low bidder is Western Ventures. The School Board approval process has begun for acceptance of the construction contract and budget transfer.

January 2016

Documents were submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Advertisements for public bidding were published.

December 2015

Continued to prepare D7 form and attachments. Reconciled 95 percent construction documents estimate and finalized bid alternates. Finalized construction bid documents

November 2015

Building permit issued. Continued architect/engineer meetings. Received D-6 form from Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

October 2015

Specific Education Specifications for Meany Middle School were approved by the Seattle School Board. Planning, documents and permitting work continues.

September 2015

Specific Education Specifications and a project budget transfer Board Action Report were presented to the Seattle School Board. The self-nomination for landmark status report was presented to the Department of Housing.

August 2015

Specific Education Specifications for Meany Middle School were presented to the School Board Operations Committee. The self-nomination report to the Landmarks Board was sent and coordination meetings continue as prep work continues.

July 2015

This month, the project team finalized the site-specific education specifications, submitted the self-nomination for landmark designation and kicked off the constructability review process with consultants.

June 2015

The self nomination report for the building for landmark status was complete. The building permit has been submitted to the city Department of Planning and Development. Coordination work with the Seattle Parks Department is ongoing.

May 2015

Planning work and coordination with Seattle Parks Department continues. Seattle Public Schools decided to self-nominate the building for landmark status.

April 2015

The project was deemed a “substantial alteration,” which will impact the project budget. The project is considered “categorically exempt” from SEPA.

March 2015

The pre-application meeting was held with the Seattle Parks Department. The notice to proceed was issued to the architects so that they can begin the construction documents. A form was submitted to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for state assistance on this project.

February 2015

The team held a coordination meeting with Seattle Parks Department. The construction document phase contract began. The 100 percent design development estimate was reconciled.

January 2015

Plan and Design Update, Jan. 16, 2015

December 2014

Review is underway of the proposals received in response to the RFP for a commissioning consultant. Bid dates have been finalized. Work continues on bid documents for the boiler project taking place in summer 2015.

November 2014

The value engineering phase is complete. Design development continues with the reconfiguration phase. Documents are being prepared for the 2015 summer boiler project.

October 2014

The re-roofing project is complete. Planning began for the 2015 boiler project. The project team met with the Seattle Parks Department to discuss coordination and with the neighbors to discuss upcoming 2016 -2017 construction.

September 2014

Re-roofing project summer, Summer 2014


Closeout Documentation to be submitted by GC for A/E to review
Coordination meeting with Seattle Parks
Coordination meeting with SSD MEP personnel and A/E Team
Final acceptance complete 2014 Reroofing project.

August 2014

In August, the roofing project was completed and the Value Engineering and Constructability Review consultant has been selected. Meetings took place between the project team and the District’s Nutrition Services and Health departments.

July 2014

The re-roofing project continues. Meetings continue with Seattle Parks Department. The Architectural/Engineering team kicked of design development. 

June 2014

The schematic design for building reconfiguration has been completed. School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) meeting #7 occurred on June 3. The summer reroofing project began on June 23.

May 2014

The project team met with SPS Facilities employees to review the existing HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and plumbing systems. Design and planning continues. The summer 2014 partial re-roofing contract was approved and a notice to proceed issued.

March 2014

Phase III Re-roofing has been put out for public bid and a pre-bid walkthrough held. There was a site meeting with the cost estimator. The schematic design consultant began work.

February 2014

Held a site walk-around with neighbors and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) for Safe Routes to School. SDAT Workshop #6 and a community meeting took place.

January 2014

This month, the project team completed the 3rd, 4th and 5th SDAT Workshop meetings and received 95% Phase III Documents for review. The first round of coordination meetings with Teaching and Learning were completed.

December 2013

For the second Meany SDAT meeting, the advisory team visited three middle schools in the Edmonds, Everett and Snohomish school districts. The Phase III construction estimate was reviewed and a meeting was held with Seattle Parks and Recreation to continue coordination.

August 2013

The Architect/Engineer contract was executed.

July 2013

The Board Action Report on the Architect/Engineering contract was submitted to the Seattle School Board. Action on the contract is scheduled for the August 21 board meeting.

June 2013

The Board Action Report for the Architect/Engineering contract was prepared.

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