Meany Middle School

Recent Updates

Meany entrance

Address: 301 21st Avenue E., Seattle


Meany Middle School was originally built in 1902. Additions were added in 1907, 1941, 1945 and 1955, with the 1902 section demolished in 1962 and replaced with the two-story central core. Modernization is repurposing the existing building for middle school use. 


$19.3 million


The modernization project includes demolition of unnecessary site structures and interior spaces as necessary to reconfigure for optimum middle school use. The roof has been replaced, exterior walls updated and painted, and energy efficient windows have been installed. Earthquake retrofitting, including replacement of roof diaphragm, tying roof structure to supporting walls and installing lateral bracing systems have been completed, as well as the renovation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. New fire alarms and sprinkler systems have been installed as well. Meany Middle School technology upgrades include building-wide wi-fi and data network systems. Interior finishes have included work such as replacing floor and ceiling finishes, and complete interior painting, along with new furniture, fixtures and equipment. ADA accessibility issues such as wheelchair access, restroom sizes and accessible fixtures have been installed.

Meany Middle School will address current and projected middle school enrollment growth in Central Seattle.

Project Sustainability Features

  • Re-use of existing structure and materials.
  • New energy efficient building systems and lighting
  • Improvements to portions of existing building envelope to meet current energy code criteria.
  • School Boundaries


Construction began: Spring 2016
Constructions complete: Summer 2017
School opening: September 2017

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