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Permits & Notices

Landmarks Board Presentation, August 2016

Final SEPA, July 2015

Loyal Heights Departure Meeting #2 - October 15, 2015

Loyal Heights Departure Meeting #1 - October 5, 2015

Loyal Heights Elementary Project Departures Update March 2016

In order to accommodate the educational program for the Loyal Heights Elementary School BEX IV construction project, the District requested the following departures from the Seattle Municipal Code and they have been conditionally approved by the City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection, as follows:

Departure #1 – To allow up to 47.7% lot coverage. (SMC 23.51B.002 C) – The zoning code restricts the amount of lot coverage to 45 % for structures of more than one story. Lot coverage restriction may be waived by the Director as a Type I decision when the waiver would contribute to reduced demolition of residential structures. The District requested a departure for 47.7 % lot coverage.

Departure #2 – To exceed the maximum building height limit. (SMC 23.51B.002 D) – The zoning code restricts the height of development on the site to no greater than the existing building’s height or 35 feet plus an additional 15 feet for a pitched roof, if the pitch is at a rate of not less than 4:12. The District requested a departure to allow the Elementary School to exceed this standard to a total height of 48.75 feet for mechanical penthouses. The over height area is a triangular portion of the top edge of the mechanical penthouse which projects into the roof slope allowance.

Departure #3 – To allow a reduction of on-site parking. (SMC 23.51B.002 G) –The code requires the District to provide 70 parking spaces. The District requested a departure to allow zero parking spaces on site. Currently, no parking is provided on site.

(Note: regarding departure #4 – To allow less than required setbacks (SMC 23.51B.002 E) – After the School Departure process ended the School District revised the project to meet land use code requirements: thus departure request was not required and has been withdrawn.)

The District is required to meet the following conditions in order to receive the Master Use and Building Construction permits; 1) to include standard storm water control and soil management plans and enhanced tree protection and 2) create programming for the internal courtyard for play at the direction of the District.

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