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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos

August 2018

  • Furniture delivery continued.
  • Technology installation progressed.
  • Teachers moved into the building following delivery of boxes from the interim site at John Marshall.
  • Teacher training conducted on how to operate classroom and building systems.
  • Final preparations were underway for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and first day of school.
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony held Sept. 4

May 2018

Existing Building: 

  • Verification of all life safety systems: fire sprinklers, fire alarm, elevators, and egress lighting
  • Design team created a punch-list
  • Installation of school house light fixtures, projectors, audio systems, and SPS network 
  • Completion of wheel chair lift at main entry
  • Hydro seeded disturbed areas

New Building: 

  • Conducted final cleaning
  • Verified of all life safety systems: fire sprinklers, fire alarm, elevators, and egress lighting
  • Installed projectors and audio systems 
  • Created punch-list
  • Changed cores at main doors with SPS cores 
  • Continued commissioning and verification of all new systems
  • Removed construction fencing
  • Received TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy)

April 2018

Existing Building: 

  • Installed flooring in classrooms at sink locations, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, fire alarm devices, soap dispensers, and paper towels dispensers 
  • Continued final painting and floor finishes 
  • Installed wheelchair lift at main entry 
  • Continued commissioning of water source heat pumps, AHUs, and terminal units 

New Building: 

  • Performed final cleaning for second floor classrooms and kitchen
  • Installed signage
  • Continued air test and balance, and fire alarm systems testing
  • Installing ceiling tiles at classrooms and main corridor; 
  • Final painting continues in cafeteria and gym area 
  • Completing entry plaza and installation of new flag pole 
  • Installed irrigation system; placement of plants and mulching ongoing 
  • Completed playground equipment installation and inspection is underway
  • Completed new and restored fencing 
  • Commissioning air handling units (AHUs) and terminal units

March 2018

Existing Building: 

  • Installed carpet on stage and in library, flooring in art room, projector brackets and front row audio shelves, kilns, ceiling fans, and hardware on restored doors. 
  • Began commissioning of split systems and fire dampers, and functional testing of water source heat pumps 
  • Started up of boiler, variable frequency drives and lift station in basement 
  • Pulling overhead and lighting circuits in main hall underway
  • Installed telephone line and fiber optic line 
  • Cleaning underway in existing building so air handling units (AHU) can be started up 

New Building: 

  • Installed acoustic panels in gym, commons and main corridor 
  • Polishing concrete in commons and main corridor 
  • Installed wood athletic flooring in gym, wood panel flooring on stage and carpet in second floor classrooms
  • Installing ceiling tiles in classrooms and main corridor 
  • Installing electrical devices in classrooms; 
  • Pulling fire alarm wiring 
  • Finishing up new elevator 
  • Installing gutters and downspouts; landscaping and irrigation in progress 
  • Placed concrete for entry plaza, and installed concrete benches
  • Paved the playground area

February 2018

Existing Building:

  • Installed linoleum and refinished wood floors
  • Pulled electrical and fire alarm cables, terminated and installed devices
  • Constructed casework for new front desk in main office
  • Continued restoration of historical doors and trimmed door frames; painted and installed the wood base
  • Reroofed the art rooms
  • Circulated the hydronic loop for the geothermal system
  • Commissioned water source heat pumps and hot water heaters

New Building:

  • Kitchen equipment arrived and is being installed
  • Painted ceiling in commons area and install hat channel for acoustical panels
  • Finished overhead work at stage and started to install proscenium wood panels
  • Installed metal panels and light boxes at front entry and started placing concrete at front entry plaza Finished stairs and landings at exterior doors on west elevation
  • Fine graded playground area and installed curbing that defines the play equipment area

January 2018

Existing Building:

  • Continued tile work in areas B and C second floor
  • Installed soffit framing in loading dock
  • Installed low voltage wiring in second floor and kindergarten rooms
  • Demolished two heaved road panels

New Building:

  • Successfully completed ground loop hydrostatic testing
  • Completed overhead work on second floor, kitchen and loading dock areas
  • Prepared gymnasium for ceiling painting
  • Installed white boards and FE boxes
  • Finished railing in penthouse and loading dock area stairs
  • Started quarry tile layout in kitchen
  • Completed cap sheet installation on mechanical mezzanine roof at gymnasium

December 2017

Existing Building: 

  • This month, the construction team installed casework on second floor, placed plumbing fixtures and finished the floor tile in the group restroom, and painted the art room and hallways.
  • They prepped for new material and completed the masonry restoration.
  • Installation of lighting fixtures and electrical devices began.

New Building: 

  • Roofing started on the gymnasium.
  • Windows, storefront glass and new waterlines were completed, and the transformer was set and energized.
  • The team wired mechanical units in penthouse and installed temporary gas heat throughout the new and existing buildings.

November 2017

Existing Building: 

  • Work included painting interior walls, installing of casework on the first floor and tile on the restroom walls and floors, and installation of the ceiling grids and conduits.
  • Mechanical units in the basement have been wired and piped.
  • They also finished roofing the library and began replacing the roof for the art room.

New Building: 

  • Work continued on roofing for new academic building.
  • The project team installed metal paneling on the east side, installed windows on the west side and completed masonry work.
  • Gypsum wallboard was installed on the first and second floors and in Area A.
  • Overhead mechanical, electrical and sprinkler installation began.
  • Framing was completed in Area C, and switchgear and wiring was installed and test in preparation for City Light to install the transformer.

October 2017

Existing Building: 

  • Completed the library and penthouse roofs.
  • Installed, taped and skimmed the gypsum wallboard on the first floor, with the second floor in progress.
  • Masonry restoration work continued.
  • Wired and piped the basement boiler, mechanical and electrical rooms.

New Building: 

  • Roofing continued.
  • Exterior framing, sheathing and vapor/water barrier was almost complete.
  • Work began on windowsill pans and frames. Installed brick veneer on west side and on gymnasium.
  • Completed interior framing and door framing in area C.
  • Installed first and second floor overhead electrical, sprinkler piping, ductwork, hydronic piping, and water lines.
  • Continued installing spiral ductwork in the gymnasium.
  • Installed switchgear and wiring in the main electrical room.

September 2017

August 2017

Existing Building:

  • Work completed in August included finishing the interior metal stud framing on the second floor; finishing in-wall and overhead electrical, mechanical, sprinkler, and plumbing on  the second floor.
  • Inspections were requested for the mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-ins, and photos were taken of in-wall utilities for future use by maintenance.
  • The roofer removed the penthouse roof on 1946 building and started replacing the roof over library  

New Building:

  • All structural steel erection was completed.
  • Exterior metal stud framing work was finished in area A and veneer installation began.
  • Decking was completed in area B and continued in area C.
  • Slab preparation was in progress for the gym, main electrical room and crane alley.
  • Concrete was placed for the mechanical penthouse and 80% of the second floor.
  • Mechanical/electrical/plumbing was completed on the first floor of area A and began on the second floor. 

July 2017

June 2017

  • Comments were received from the Seattle Department of Transportation on the 90% Street Improvement Plan, and the architect/civil engineer is working on responses to the comments.
  • Structural steel has been installed on the second floor, roof and penthouse of area A.
  • Concrete floors have been placed in the second floor and penthouse of area A.
  • Structural steel erection is underway in areas B and C.
  • Masonry walls were completed in area A and are in progress in area B and the gym.
  • Metal stud framing in the basement and first floor of the existing building has been completed.
  • In-wall installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing is following the metal stud framing.
  • Pipe insulation has started on first floor.
  • Installed equipment has been hooked-up in the basement mechanical and boiler room.
  • Overhead mechanical equipment and ducting has been installed in all existing classrooms.
  • All floor slabs are in except main electrical room, water pump room and gym.
  • Waterproofing of stem walls and foundation drains, and back fill around perimeter is underway.

May 2017

  • Submitted the 90% Street Improvement Plan to SDOT for review.
  • Installed structural steel with metal decking in area 1.
  • Placed the elevated concrete floor slab.
  • Started masonry walls in area 1.
  • Installed mechanical equipment in the existing building.
  • Underground primary electrical conduit and under-slab electrical installed.
  • Continued final grading and capillary course in preparation for slabs.
  • Reinforced concrete footings and stem walls at main entry, loading dock and gym being placed.
  • Plumbing, ducting and metal studs are being installed in Level 1 and 2 of existing building.
  • Began metal studs and drywall in existing building.
  • The new principal toured the site, and the architect began working with school staff on furniture selection.

April 2017

March 2017

  • 60% Street Improvement Plan comments were received from SDOT and resubmitted.
  • The architect presented interior finishes to staff.
  • Drilling of the geothermal wells continued, and the manifold piping was in progress.
  • Aggregate piers were installed under the new footings, and placing of footings for the west section of the new building began.
  • The crawlspace was dug out and new mechanical room concrete slabs placed.
  • Plumbing pipe and ductwork was installed in the basement.
  • Structural enhancements to the existing building continued.

February 2017

  • The 60% Street Improvement Plan revisions were under review by the city.
  • A Total Contract Cost (TCC) amendment was signed by Skanska and routed for district signatures.
  • The D-9 documentation was submitted to the state Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction.
  • The D-10 authorizing execution of General Contractor/Construction Manager (GCCM) contract was received.
  • The Notice to Proceed on Group D packages was issued to Skanska, the GCCM. Hazardous materials abatement and selective demolition continued.
  • Geothermal well drilling and site utilities installation were in progress.

January 2017

  • The phase II building permit was received and work began.
  • The 60% street improvement plan revisions were resubmitted to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).
  • The project value analysis continues.
  • The Seattle School Board approved the total contract cost amendment.
  • The Notice to Proceed on portions of the Group C package was issued through the Skanska.
  • Hazardous materials abatement and selective demolition continues.
  • Drilling has begun for the geothermal wells.
  • Installation of site utilities is in progress.

December 2016

  • The phase I building permit was received and work began.
  • The phase II cycle 3 responses were sent to the City of Seattle.
  • The 60% street improvement plan comments have been received.
  • Bid group C and D were opened, and a project value analysis will be done due to the bid results.
  • The Board Action Report for the total contract cost amendment was presented to the Seattle School Board Operations Committee, who put it on the Board agenda for January.
  • The contractor has mobilized.
  • Hazardous materials abatement and site demolition continues.

November 2016

  • Phase 1 building permit cycle comments are complete and the construction team is waiting for the King County storm water permit to be issued.
  • The King County discharge permit is under review and revisions were submitted.
  • Phase 2 building permit cycle 3 is under review.
  • The 60% street improvement plan is under review.
  • The Landmarks Board issued the Certificate of Approval.
  • A Board Action Report is being drafted for the total contract cost (TCC) amendment.
  • The contractor has mobilized and abatement is underway.

October 2016

  • The construction document (CD) phase is complete.
  • Comments were received on the phase 1 building permit cycle 4, and responses were sent to the city.
  • The King County discharge permit is under review.
  • Comments were received on the phase 2 building permit cycle 2, and responses were sent to the city.
  • The street improvement plan was submitted for 60% review.
  • The final presentation was made to the Landmarks Board.

September 2016

  • Reached 95% construction document (CD).
  • Received phase I building permit cycle 2 and 3 comments and responded to the City.
  • Advanced the street improvement plan to 60%.
  • Held briefing with Landmarks Board and finalized the application package.
  • Issued Notice to Proceed on group A packages through Skanska (GCCM).
  • Completed structural package and advertised group B bid package.

August 2016

  • The construction document (CD) phase continued.
  • The 75% construction document estimate reconciliation was completed.
  • Comments were received on the phase 1 building permit cycle 1, and responses were sent to the city.
  • Comments were received on the phase 2 building permit cycle 1, and responses were being developed.
  • The street improvement plan was under review and the team met with the city.
  • The Landmarks Board was briefed and the application package was being finalized.
  • The school community was moved to the John Marshall School and portables were relocated.

June 2016

  • Completed 75% construction documents and started 75% construction document estimate.
  • The Master Use Permit decision was upheld and the permit approved.
  • The street improvement plan is under review.
  • Minor adjustments are being made to address landmark concerns.

May 2016

  • Design development (DD) phase estimate reconciliation is complete, and the construction document phase began.
  • The Master Use Permit Decision was upheld, with judicial appeal due by May 27.
  • The project team met with Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to review the building assessment and made a presentation to the Landmark Board’s Architectural Review Committee.
  • D-5 documents are complete.

April 2016

  • The design development (DD) phase estimate was received and reconciliation began.
  • The Master Use Permit appeal hearing occurred on April 27, 2016.
  • The contract has been executed for commissioning services.
  • A presentation was made to the Landmark's Architectural Review Committee.

March 2016

  • Completed design development (DD) phase.
  • The Master Use Permit environmental review decision, including departures was posted.
  • A contract executed for commissioning services.
  • The CD-5 documents are complete.
  • Presentation was made to the Landmark's Architectural Review Committee.

February 2016

  • Design development continues with 100 percent of design development (DD) due in mid-March.
  • The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) reviewed the departures.
  • The Master Use Permit environmental review comment period has closed.
  • The project team met with DPD for the building permit pre-application meeting.
  • A presentation was made to the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT), the PTA and school staff.
  • Staff also made a presentation to the Landmark's Architectural Review Committee.
  • Work is underway on the D-5.

January 2016

  • Continued design development, which is now at 50 percent.
  • Departures and permitting work continues.
  • The envelope consultant is under contract and the commissioning agent has been selected.

December 2015

  • Continued design development.
  • Completed conductivity geothermal test well.
  • The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) reviewed the project departures.
  • Master Use Permit Environmental Review comment period took place.
  • Received and reviewed the request for proposal (RFP) for commissioning services.

November 2015

  • Continued design development.
  • Learned the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) Departure Committee voted against all departures.
  • Issued minority report to DON on departures.
  • The SEPA DNS was affirmed by Hearing Examiner.
  • Reviewed Master Use Permit.
  • Executed contract for envelope consultant.
  • Received request for proposal responses for commissioning services.

October 2015

  • Design development continues.
  • The SEPA Hearing final written arguments were submitted.
  • The Master Use Permit was reviewed.

September 2015

  • The schematic design has been approved and design development began.
  • The Department of Neighborhoods departures meeting was rescheduled.
  • The SEPA hearing was held and the Master Use Permit was submitted.

August 2015

  • Design, planning and permitting work continues.
  • The Department of Neighborhoods selected the departures committee Schematic Design refinement complete
 Skanska completed Schematic Design estimate and team began reconciliation Department of Neighborhoods selected Departures committee.
  • The 
final SEPA Checklist and Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) has been appealed.
  • The value engineering (VE) Board Action Request was drafted.
  • A contract has been executed for building envelope consulting, and inspections and testing are underway at the existing building to help mitigate unforeseen conditions.

July 2015

  • In July, the project team worked on schematic design refinement and a cost-reduction analysis to align with the project budget.
  • Development continued development of sustainable systems/passive options.
  • The final SEPA checklist and determination of non-significance was advertised.
  • The value engineering draft report was received and VE items selected for the final report.
  • A professional services contract was awarded for the envelope consulting.

June 2015

  • Planning, design and document preparation continues.
  • Public comments were received on the SEPA Checklist draft.
  • The value engineering student took place.

May 2015

  • Design work and planning continue.
  • Development is in progress to include sustainable systems/passive options with a target of 20 Energy Use Intensity.

April 2015

  • Design work and planning continues.
  • The General Contractor/Construction Manager selection is complete and the contract awarded to Skanska.

March 2015

  • The schematic design phase continues.
  • Selection process for the general contractor/construction management (GC/CM) firm is complete.
  • Work continued on development of sustainable systems.
  • The draft geotechnical study has been delivered and the project eco-charrette took place.
  • A landmarks designation has been issued and planning began on controls and incentives related to that designation.
  • The zoning departures summary was issued to the Department of Neighborhoods.

February 2015

  • The schematic design phase began.
  • The project team started the geotechnical survey, completed the tree inventory and continued the traffic study.
  • Work is underway on development of sustainable systems/passive options, target 20 Energy Use Intensity (EUI).
  • There was a landmarks nomination hearing and site tour.

December 2014

  • School Design Advisory Team meetings are underway.

June 2018

  • The contractor was completing punch-list items 
  • Commissioning activities were being completed 
  • Furniture delivery began
  • Security cameras were installed and are functioning

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