Planning & Construction Updates

January 2017

The design development estimate reconciliation was completed. The SEPA/DNS was advertised, and the appeal period ended. An appeal was received. Additional building investigation occurred over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The design review meeting with the Department of Neighborhoods took place, as did the pre-submittal permit meeting with the City of Seattle. 

December 2016

The design development phase is now complete, and the SEPA checklist has been finalized. Additional building inspection took place over winter break. The mechanical contractor/construction manager (MCCM) was awarded to Robison through Lydig Construction. Estimate development on design development began. The team met with Solid Ground to discuss parking needs. 

November 2016

Reached 75% design development phase and finalized the SEPA checklist. The design development document is under review. A community meeting on high school curriculum was held. Additional building investigation took place. The mechanical contractor/construction manager RFQ closed and interviews occurred. The Landmarks Architectural Review Committee was briefed.

October 2016

Design development reached 50%. The SEPA public meeting took place and the comment period was extended. The team revised the SEPA checklist began reviewing additional comments. The city approved the parking determination. This project will not require a Master Use Permit.

September 2016

Reconciled final recommendations of the value engineering/value analysis items. Issued approval to proceed to design development. The SEPA Checklist was drafted and the SEPA public meeting was held. The parking determination was issued to City of Seattle for verification. A Master Use Permit pre-submittal conference was requested, and the Certificate of Approval for Landmarks was submitted.

August 2016

Value engineering/value analysis session was held with project team. Multiple value engineering sessions were held with project team. The SEPA checklist was completed and issued for public notice. 

June 2016

The final SDAT meeting took place on June 2. The General Contractor/Construction Manager agreement has been approved by the School Board. A community meeting was held on June 23. Work continues on the SEPA checklist, traffic/parking and hazardous materials investigations. The design team continues work on the schematic design.

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