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Planning & Construction Updates and Photos

April 2018

  • Completed north parking lot infiltration vault; 
  • Started storm drainage improvements
  • Completed lagging, excavation and waterproofing at shoring wall between north and central wing 
  • Started shotcrete foundation wall
  • Continued selective demolition at central and south wings 
  • Continued structural steel installation at north and central wings 
  • Completed ceiling/roof insulation and gypsum wallboard installation at 4th floor central wing 
  • Started metal stud framing at central wing 
  • Continued installing mechanical and electrical at central wing 
  • Completed underground plumbing 
  • Continued masonry improvements including tuck pointing and terra cotta repairs at each wing

March 2018

  • Poured north parking lot infiltration vault walls and installed precast lid 
  • Continued installing lagging and excavating at temporary shoring between central and north wings 
  • Continued structural demolition at central and south wings 
  • Completed hazardous abatement at south wing 
  • Continued structural steel and buckling restraint braces at north wing 
  • Started ceiling/roof insulation and gypsum wallboard installation at 4th floor central wing 
  • Coordinating and installing mechanical and electrical in central wing 
  • Continued masonry improvements including tuck pointing and terra cotta repairs at each wing 

February 2018

  • Continued structural demolition
  • Completed hazardous abatement
  • Continued mechanical and electrical coordination
  • Continued excavation for north parking lot detention vault
  • Continued masonry improvements including tuck pointing and terra cotta repairs
  • Held commissioning kick off meeting

January 2018

  • Continued hazardous materials abatement
  • Continued structural demolition
  • Continued mechanical and electrical coordination
  • Seattle Dept. of Transportation approved the Street Improvement Plan

December 2017

  • Work in December included granting the full notice to proceed
  • construction mobilization and continuation of the hazardous materials abatement.
  • Structural demolition began.
  • The exterior demolition of canopies, the chimney stack and the boiler rooms was completed.
  • Seattle City Light completed their review and approved the plan.

November 2017

  • This month, the 90% Street Improvement Plan was reviewed.
  • The team responded to building permit cycle 3 comments.
  • Hazardous materials abatement continued as did selective demolition.
  • The building permit was released.


October 2017

  • Building Permit Cycle 3 comments were under review.
  • Opened remaining bid package on budget.
  • Began weekly construction site meetings.
  • Met with Seattle City Light about temporary and permanent power.
  • Hazardous material abatement and subcontractor mobilization continued.
  • The building permit was not released, resulting in a delay on demolition.


August 2017

  • This month, the Lincoln project team completed the construction document phase and the constructability review.
  • The 90% street improvement plan was issued.
  • Comments were received on the building permit cycle 2.
  • The Landmark Architect Review Committee approved all proposed exterior improvements.
  • Bid packages 1 and 2 were opened and are within budget.
  • Bid packages 3-18 have been advertised.
  • Work continued to move the schools out that were housed in the building.
  • A presentation was made to the Class of 1943 Alumni. 

June 2017

  • The Construction Document Phase continues.
  • Construction documents are at 90% and the estimate reconciliation is complete.
  • The Constructability Review began.
  • The 90% Street Improvement Plan is being drafted.
  • Building permit cycle 1 comments have been received.
  • The Final Certificate of Approval packaged was developed for Landmark Board.
  • Bid Package 01 and 02 were advertised, and a pre-bid walk occurred.

May 2017

  • Continued the Construction Document Phase.
  • Achieved 85% Construction Documents (CD).
  • Lydig completed the75% CD estimate development, and project staff began reconciliation.
  • Gave Notice to Proceed No. 1 and 2 g for brace frames and fan equipment due to the long lead time for these items.
  • The 60% Street Improvement Plan (SIP) was approved, and work began on the 90% SIP set.
  • BegamBuilding Permit Cycle 1 comments.
  • Briefed Landmark Architectural Review Committee.


March 2017

  • The Construction Document Phase and the 60% Street Improvement Plan continued.
  • The SEPA/DNS appeal hearing remained scheduled for March 27.
  • The Landmark Architectural Review Committee was briefed.
  • The team took a tour of the Roosevelt High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) space.
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MPE)/structural/architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) Clash coordination began. 


February 2017

  • This month, the project team began the Construction Document Phase.
  • The 60% Street Improvement Plan also began.
  • The SEPA/DNS appeal hearing was scheduled for March 27.
  • Additional building investigation took place during mid-winter break.
  • The Capital department was reviewing the Design Development.
  • The pre-submittal meeting with the city was held.
  • The commissioning agent contract was executed. 

January 2017

  • The design development estimate reconciliation was completed.
  • The SEPA/DNS was advertised, and the appeal period ended.
  • An appeal was received.
  • Additional building investigation occurred over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
  • The design review meeting with the Department of Neighborhoods took place, as did the pre-submittal permit meeting with the City of Seattle.

December 2016

  • The design development phase is now complete, and the SEPA checklist has been finalized.
  • Additional building inspection took place over winter break.
  • The mechanical contractor/construction manager (MCCM) was awarded to Robison through Lydig Construction.
  • Estimate development on design development began.
  • The team met with Solid Ground to discuss parking needs.

November 2016

  • Reached 75% design development phase and finalized the SEPA checklist.
  • The design development document is under review.
  • A community meeting on high school curriculum was held.
  • Additional building investigation took place.
  • The mechanical contractor/construction manager RFQ closed and interviews occurred.
  • The Landmarks Architectural Review Committee was briefed.

October 2016

  • Design development reached 50%.
  • The SEPA public meeting took place and the comment period was extended.
  • The team revised the SEPA checklist began reviewing additional comments.
  • The city approved the parking determination.
  • This project will not require a Master Use Permit.

September 2016

  • Reconciled final recommendations of the value engineering/value analysis items.
  • Issued approval to proceed to design development.
  • The SEPA Checklist was drafted and the SEPA public meeting was held.
  • The parking determination was issued to City of Seattle for verification.
  • A Master Use Permit pre-submittal conference was requested, and the Certificate of Approval for Landmarks was submitted.

August 2016

  • Value engineering/value analysis session was held with project team.
  • Multiple value engineering sessions were held with project team.
  • The SEPA checklist was completed and issued for public notice.

June 2016

  • The final SDAT meeting took place on June 2.
  • The General Contractor/Construction Manager agreement has been approved by the School Board.
  • A community meeting was held on June 23.
  • Work continues on the SEPA checklist, traffic/parking and hazardous materials investigations.
  • The design team continues work on the schematic design.

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