Jane Addams Middle School

Recent Updates

Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Sept. 2, 2014

Address: 11051 34th Avenue NE, Seattle


This project repurposes the Jane Addams building as a comprehensive middle school for northeast Seattle. Originally opened in 1949 as a junior high school in the Shoreline School District, Jane Addams was then annexed into Seattle Public Schools in 1954. Since closing as a middle school in 1983, the building has housed a variety of community programs, an alternative K-12 school and the Hazel Wolf K-8 program.


$7.3 million

Project Description

The phased construction project will modernize and repurpose the 165,000 square foot school building to accommodate 960 middle school students, alleviating overcrowding at Eckstein Middle School. Work is primarily being done in the summer months to avoid any impact to teaching and learning during the school year.

Phase I: was completed in time for the 2014-15 school year. This phase included: enlarging the cafeteria, updating kitchen equipment, adding two science classrooms, renovating the performing arts classroom, adding a visual arts classroom, refinishing the stage floor and making other stage improvements, adding a counselor office, adding a staff toilet, making earthquake safety (seismic) improvements in all phase I areas, adding security camera wiring and card readers within phase I areas. This phase also included all of the furniture, fixtures and equipment for the new middle school including curriculum, musical instruments and library materials

Phase II: Phase II will include the construction of four new science classrooms, a language arts classroom, a teen health center and school nurse facility, boys and girls locker rooms, earthquake safety improvements, mechanical and electrical work, and conversion of the existing school nurse area into a classroom. Construction began April 2015 in selected unoccupied areas within the school and continues through the summer. The project is scheduled to be finished in time for students to return on Sept. 9, 2015.

School design: Hutteball Oremus Architecture

Construction management: Seattle Public Schools

Contractor: Lincoln Construction, Inc.

Phase III: Phase III is planned for the summer of 2016. Projected work: Create new isolated computer lab off of the library, develop two new counselor offices and staff conference rooms, re-orient teaching wall, install flooring and finishes in phase III classrooms, create new staff break room, develop attendance and security offices, add security cameras and card readers in phase III areas, convert outdoor shed to bicycle storage, and make earthquake safety (seismic) improvements in all phase III areas.


Energy efficiency will be improved through the use of lighting controls, and efficient mechanical and electrical systems.

Schedule Overview

Design work began: Summer 2013

Phase I construction: Summer 2014

Phase II construction: Summer 2015

Phase III construction: Summer 2016

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