Planning & Construction Updates

November 2016

Punchlist work continued as well as late change-order work. The commissioning process was almost complete, and the last change order was issued and executed.

October 2016

The contractor continued to work the building and site punchlists, and late change order work. The last change order was issued.

September 2016

The project team developed the building punchlist for electrical, mechanical, civil, hardware, kitchen, low voltage and landscape, and the contractor was working on those items. Work was finishing on a late change order. The Certificate of Occupancy was obtained. Electrical training was scheduled and the commissioning process was underway. A ribbon-cutting event was held to open the new building on Sept. 6, 2016. Students began school in the building on Sept. 7, 2016.

August 2016

Work was in process to complete punchlist items. The contractor completed installation of sod at play field, plantings along Genesee Street, and site fencing/gates. Work was underway to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and complete late change orders. The commissioning process continued with the building flush complete.

June 2016

Obtained final elevator and fire system inspections. The City approved moving furniture into the building. Punchlist created for mechanical, civil, hardware, kitchen, and low voltage for all areas. Electrical punchlist created for Area 1. Landscaping and site fence/gates installation is underway. The final inspection of roof has been done and a punchlist composed. Mechanical equipment training has occurred. The commissioning process continues. SPS custodial services performed final clean of building, and furniture move-in began.

May 2016

In May, the final inspection of the mechanical and electrical systems was completed. Inspection and pre-testing of the elevators and fire alarm system continued. Floor installation and finishing were completed on the stage and in the gym. The concrete floors and stairs in areas 1 and 2 were polished and stained. Concrete debris and extra soil was removed from the site. All civil work on the upper and lower tiers is complete, and the team continues to compile a punch list.

April 2016

Many parts of this project were completed in April, including the concrete stair treads in several areas, installation of play equipment, water and proportional balancing in area 1, and installation of kitchen equipment. Work continues to install the wood floor for the gym and the stage. Site work completed included installation of asphalt in the north parking lot and driveway, and installation of fencing. Street improvements and sidewalks on SW Dakota Street have also been completed.

March 2016

Continued forming/pouring concrete sidewalks and completed asphalt paving for the playground. Completed the exterior metal siding panel installation. Continuing interior finishes: carpet, concrete floor polishing, painting, etc. in area 2. Continuing mechanical and electrical trim installation in area 3. Began installing athletic wood floor at area 4 gym. Began commissioning. Equipment start-up at areas 1, 2 and 3 completed. There is site security during non-working hours.

February 2016

Work continued on forming and pouring site sidewalks and site retaining wall, and installing drainage piping and fencing. Nearly all of the metal siding has been completed. Window framing and glazing continues for areas 2 and 4. In area 1, carpet, resilient flooring, plumbing trim, toilet partitions and door installation is underway. Gypsum wallboard is being installed in areas 1, 2 and 4, with interior painting and casework installation ongoing in area 2. The mechanical/electrical/plumbing trim is being installed in areas 1 and 3.

January 2016

Paved the access road to loading dock, formed on-site sidewalks and installed drain pipe at the main play equipment areas. Completed the concrete masonry unit (CMU) veneer. Work continues to install window frames and glazing at areas 1 and 3. Metal siding is being installed at areas 1, 2 and 3. The gypsum wallboard (GWB) is nearly complete and the finishing process is underway at area 2. Interior painting continues in areas 2 and 3. Casework, the T-bar ceiling grid and ceramic tile installation have been completed in area 1, while installation of wall paneling continues. Ceramic tile installation continues in area 3. Electrical and plumbing rough in continues in the area 2 and area 3 mechanical penthouse and mezzanines.

December 2015

Formed and poured miscellaneous site stairs, site benches and trench drain. Seattle City Light set the transformer and Puget Sound Energy installed the gas line from street to meter.

Continued installation of concrete masonry unit veneer on the upper portions of areas 3 and 4. Continued window frames installation and glazing for all areas. Installed metal siding at area 1 and metal siding substrate at areas 2, 3 and 4. Gypsum wallboard (GWB) installation and finishing is ongoing at Area 1 and 3. Interior painting and installation of vinyl wall covering continues. Installation of casework, T-bar ceiling grid and ceramic tile continues at area 1. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in continues at areas 2 and 4.

November 2015

Completed installation of sanitary sewer conveyance system. Formed and poured site retaining walls and stairs. Placed and finished all interior slabs, and completed the mock-up for polished concrete. Completed installation of concrete masonry unit (CMU) veneer in areas 1 and 3, and CMU work continues in areas 2 and 4. Installation of window frames and glazing is underway in areas 1 and 3. Installation of the metal panel system continues in areas 1 and 3. Installed rain gutters. Continuing work on gypsum wallboard (GWB) and finishing in areas 1 and 3. Completed structural steel erection. Installed all access stairs in area 2. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) rough in continues in areas 2, 3 and 4.

October 2015

Installation of storm water and sanitary sewer conveyance systems continues. Completed installation of concrete masonry unit (CMU) veneer for area 1. CMU veneer installation continues in area 3. In area 1, window frames and glazing installation, installation of the metal panel system, and gypsum wallboard installation and finishing are underway. The construction team poured the slab-on-grade at area 2 and completed final slab pour at main corridor at area 3. Structural steel erection is completed except for two access stairs in area 2. Roofing has been completed in all areas. Mechanical and plumbing rough-in continues in areas 2, 3 and 4. Electrical rough-in is complete in area 1, level 1, and area 3 is ongoing.

September 2015

All foundations are complete and the structural steel erection is 98 percent complete. The exterior and interior framing is complete on the first, second and third floors of area 1 (the classroom area), and the installation of the concrete masonry veneer continues. Window frames for area 1 are being fabricated on site and the glazing has been ordered. Work on mechanical and plumbing rough-in continues in all parts of the building and electrical rough-in continues in parts of area 1 and in area 3. Recently, the slab-on-deck has been poured for the 2nd floor of area 2 and prep began for the slab-on-grade pour. Roofing continues for area 2.

August 2015

In August, the construction team completed foundations and the backfill at the slab-on-grade for area 2. Metal roof decking has been on area 2 metal and structural steel erection is complete. For area 1, electrical rough-in, and interior and exterior framing continues in the first, second and third floors. Mechanical and plumbing rough in continues in areas 1, 2, 3 and 4. In areas 3 and 4, slab-on-grade has been placed and finished. Installation of concrete masonry unit (CMU) veneer is ongoing for area 1 and completed for the west wall of area 4. Roofing is nearly complete on area 1 and continues on area 3 and 4.

July 2015

Foundations were poured and reinforcing steel installed for area 2. Structural steel began going up on that building as well. For areas 1, 3 and 4, the metal decking for the roof was installed. Mechanical, plumbing and HVAC installation continues for areas 1, 2 and 3, and electrical work is underway for three floors of area 1. Area 1 exterior and interior framing work and roofing began, and area 3 interior framing work continued. The slab has been poured for the commons and for the area 4 bathrooms and PE office/storage.

June 2015

The work began to form and pour foundations within area 2 (offices, library, computer room, art/science classrooms). Structural steel installation, framing and mechanical/utilities work continues in areas 1 and 3 (classroom wing and student dining/kitchen/stage). The lower parking lot was graded. Sanitary sewer work continues. Work on the site retaining walls, stairs and curbs remain underway.

May 2015

The contractor poured the remaining level 1 slab in area 1, formed and poured curbs for the lower parking lot, prepared and poured mechanical mezzanine slabs in area 3. The HVAC ductrwork in the basement of area 1 is in progress. Work continues on forming the access road retaining wall to the loading dock. Construction continued on the walls. The lower parking lot has been rough graded with the stormwater system added. Structural steel is installed in area 1 and metal pan decking is underway on the second level. Some welding continues on the structural steel in area 3. The rough-in for light poles is complete, and electrical work continues in the basement.

April 2015

Work continued on foundations, footings, slab work and the concrete masonry unit in April. Installation began on the sanitary sewer and storm water systems. Subgrade piping continued. Six mechanical units were set in the area 1 basement. Subgrade conduit is complete in areas 3 and 4, and the team started wall rough-in within those areas.

March 2015

The contractors continued forming foundations for area 1, and forming and pouring perimeter footings and stem walls. Waterproofing was completed on the area 1 foundation walls. Phase 2 installation of the pin piles is complete, and the backfilling at the basement is complete in area 1. The structural steel fabrication for area 2 was completed. The following work has been completed in area 3:

  • Reinforcing steel installation at the footings and perimeter foundations.
  • Backfilling around footings.
  • Slab for area 3.

February 2015

The contractors continue to work on the basements and foundations. Work underway in Feb. included: 

  • Forming tunnels for heating and ventilation systems in the area 1 basement. 
  • Forming and pouring race frame and column footings in area 3.
  • Installing structural steel beams and waterproofing in area 1.
  • Footings and perimeter foundations in area 3.
  • Backfill at area 1 basement.
  • Backfill around footings in area 3.
  • Structural steel fabrication for area 2.

Installation of shotcrete (sprayed concrete) on the soldier-pile-wall, including the loading dock area, is complete. Phase 2 installation of pin piles began in area 1. The construction road was installed at the south end of the site. 

December 2014

In December, the soldier-pile wall and basement pin-pile were completed. Work began on the elevator shaft including the shaft area in the basement, forming and pouring the pit and walls, and installing vapor barrier and wall waterproofing in the elevator pit. Rough-in plumbing was done below the basement slab and basement plumbing collection sumps were installed. Work continues on forming the basement slab.

November 2014

Last month, the project team completed stabilization of the environmentally critical area and retaining walls for that area are underway. Installation of the wall pilings and basement flooring continues.

October 2014

The contractor obtained a special grading permit for the wet season and continues mobilization.

Tree protection has been installed and inspected by arborist. Demolition of the existing buildings is complete and debris has been sorted and hauled away. Environmental Critical Area (ECA) stabilization work continues. Installation of the auger cast piles complete.

Work began on the soldier pile wall and the basement for the new school building.

September 2014

In September, tree protection was installed and inspected by an arborist. Demolition of the existing buildings began. Debris is being sorted and hauled off site. 

August 2014

The City of Seattle issued the Master Use Permit, demolition permit and new construction permit. A construction fence has been installed and the contractor is mobilizing in preparation for demolition of the old building.

July 2014

The interior color palette was finalized. The Master Use Process appeal period ended and preparation began for the Master Use Permit hearing. Pre-construction planning continues.

June 2014

The demolition/construction contract has been executed. The appeals period for the Master Use Permit began and permit review continues.

May 2014

The contract for demolition and construction has been approved by the Board and contracts for additional consultants have been routed for signature. Hazardous materials abatement is complete. Permitting continues.

April 2014

The Demolition/Construction bid package Board Action Report was introduced to the Operations Committee. Hazmat abatement is ongoing and will be completed the last week of April. Review of the Master Use Permit by the city’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) continues. The project management team continues to meet monthly with that department, and BLRB, the architecture firm on the project, received a second round of comments from DPD.

The archeological survey report has been issued and the findings were submitted to the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) for review and site ruling. The test pile vibration and noise monitoring report was issued. A noise variation permit will need to be obtained by contractor. The geotechnical firm that will conduct construction phase soils inspections and be the geotechnical engineer of record was selected. Special inspection firms were interviewed and a firm was selected. The environmental consultant submitted the Inadvertent Discovery Plan.

March 2014

The hazmat abatement contract has been fully executed and Notice to Proceed (NTP) issued to contractor, and the hazmat abatement process is ongoing. The building bid package was completed and advertised, followed by the pre-bid conference. The Master Use Permit (MUP) review by Department of Planning and Development–City of Seattle (DPD) continues, and BLRB responded to first round of comments. The archeological survey was completed. The test pile was installed and the pile load test completed, with vibration and noise data collected during the test pile installation.

February 2014

The hazmat abatement bids received and the contract sent to and signed by the apparent low bidder. The architect continued to work towards completion of construction documents. 
The SEPA Checklist Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) appeal meeting occurred with the hearing examiner reommending to affirm the DNS. Master Use Permit (MUP) review by the city Department of Planning and Development (DPD) continues.
Completed constructability review and report issued. Design team provided responses to the constructability review comments. DPD issued the test pile permit. Heery coordinated rescheduling of the test pin pile installation and worked with ESA, the Land-use/environmental and archeological consultant, and HWA, the Geotechnical consulting engineers, to coordinate the archeological survey. The 50% construction document estimate review and analysis was completed. A final meeting was held with Facilities and Maintenance to review the latest lighting fixture submittal.

January 2014

Hazardous materials (hazmat) abatement bid package advertisement in process. The
 architect completed 50% construction documents (CDs) and submitted for review.
The SEPA Checklist Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) has been appealed. Permit documents have been submitted. 
The architect completed and submitted 95% CDs. The Master Use Permit (MUP) review is in progress.
 A meeting was held with the city Department of Planning and Development (DPD) to discuss exceptional tree and parking concerns.
 Constructability review in progress.
 Submitted information for test pile permit. Completed 50% CD estimate review and analysis. A meeting occurred with Facilities and Maintenance to review the lighting submittal.

August 2013

The design team incorporated the redesign. The project team met with the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) and community to present the revised design scheme. The Landmark Commission denied nomination of existing Genesee Hill structure. The contract for the Value Engineering (VE) consultant was executed.

July 2013

Schematic designs, including cost estimates, have been submitted and reviewed. The project team met with the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) and the community to present the revised schematic designs. Additional surveys were completed at encroaching properties along 49 Avenue SW, with survey information released to one property owner. Draft SEPA checklists for demolition and main construction are being revised to reflect the revised schematic design. A new traffic report is being coordinated. The landmarks nomination meeting is scheduled for early August.

June 2013

The topographic, geotechnical, hazardous material, historic landmark, environmental and value engineering surveys and reviews are in process. The schematic designs, including the cost estimates, were submitted. The project team met with the School Design Advisory Team and the community. Additional geotechnical borings were completed and the district is awaiting the amended soils report and subsurface CAD modeling. A draft SEPA (environmental review) checklist was submitted for the main construction and the SEPA checklist for the main building is being composed.

May 2013

Topographic survey, hazardous materials review, historic landmark review and environmental (SEPA) review are underway. The project team met with the principal, district operations and the learning department, conducted meetings with school user groups and hosted a Town Hall meeting for parents to review the project. The School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) participated in workshops 1 through 3. SDAT workshops 4 through 6 are scheduled for June and include the Eco-Charrette. Concept work will continue based on feedback, and a community meeting is scheduled for June. 

The Construction Manager (Heery) contract was approved and a Notice to Proceed (NTP) was received. The project team conducted meetings with the School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) and community. Hazardous material, historic landmark and environmental (SEPA) processes are underway. SDAT meetings, and landmark and SEPA processes continue in June.

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