Genesee Hill

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Genesee Hill Main Entrance 2
Address: 5013 SW Dakota St, Seattle, WA, 98116


The previous Genesee Hill building was demolished and replaced by a new elementary school.


$38.9 million


The new 91,000-square-foot Genesee Hill School replaced the site’s former building and accommodates up to 650 students. The school community was moved from nearby Schmitz Park Elementary, providing that community with a modern school designed to 21st century standards.

The new elementary school includes a three-story classroom wing composed of grade-level classrooms with a shared learning spaces between the classrooms to serve large or small groups. Flexible space is included for art, science, music, special education and childcare.

Construction Methods

The new building has steel framing with some masonry walls, masonry veneer and metal cladding. The sloped site required a shoring wall and both auger-cast and pin piles.

Sustainability Features

  • Rain gardens and biofiltration cells filter and treat storm water, reducing pollution entering the water systems.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting installed in the parking lot, main hallway, learning commons and gymnasium.
  • Strategically placed skylights and windows reduce the need for lighting during the daylight hours.

Architect: BLRB Architects

Construction management firm: Heery International, Inc.

Contractor: Spee West Construction, Inc.

Schedule Overview

Construction began: Fall 2014

School opened: Fall 2016

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