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Fairmount Park 2

Address: 3800 SW Findlay Street, Seattle


Fairmount Park opened in 1964 and closed in 2007. Renovations modernized the building and a 12-classroom addition was constructed. Fairmount Park opened as a neighborhood elementary in Sept. 2014.


$20 million*

Project Description

The project included complete renovation and modernization of the existing building and construction of a 200-seat classroom addition. This project added 500 seats to help address enrollment growth in West Seattle.

Modernization included:

  • Abatement and demolition of unnecessary site structures.
  • Abatement and demolition of interior spaces as necessary to reconfigure for optimum use.
  • Rehabilitation of building envelope including roof replacement, exterior wall updates and painting, and installation of energy efficient windows.
  • Structural work and earthquake retrofitting including installation of roof diaphragm, tying roof structure to supporting walls, and installing lateral bracing systems.
  • Interior finish work such as replacing floor and ceiling finishes and complete repainting.
  • Addressing accessibility issues such as wheelchair access, restroom sizes, and accessible fixtures.
  • Renovation or replacement of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Technology upgrades such as building-wide wi-fi and data networks.
  • Installation of new fire alarm and sprinkler systems.
  • Installation of new clock/intercom system.
  • New furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Site work including new on-site bus load/unload zone, playground repaving and game line striping, energy-efficient lighting, expansion of the loading dock, and restriping of the parking lot.

Project Sustainability Features

  • Centrally monitored energy management system for heating, ventilation, and power
  • Lighting controls
  • Finish materials containing recycled content
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Roof and exterior wall insulation exceeding code minimum R-value
  • New energy efficient exterior windows with many oriented to maximize daylight but minimize solar heat gain
  • High-efficiency boiler system
  • Low-maintenance landscaping

Design: Miller Hayashi Architects
Construction: Allied Construction Associates

Schedule Overview

Construction started: May 2013

School opened: Fall 2014

*Budget includes funds fromĀ Building Excellence III (BEX III) levy

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