Earthquake Safety Improvements

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Earthquake Safety (Seismic) Improvements

In addition to all new, replaced, modernized and repurposed buildings, 37 schools were designated to receive earthquake safety (seismic) improvements under BEX IV. 

By fall 2018, 14 projects had been completed: 

  • Adams Elementary 
  • Jane Addams Middle School (listed as Jane Addams K-8) 
  • Dearborn Park International Elementary 
  • Decatur Elementary (listed as Thornton Creek Elementary @ Decatur) 
  • Eckstein Middle School 
  • Franklin High School 
  • Gatewood Elementary 
  • Ingraham High School 
  • Kimball Elementary 
  • Leschi Elementary 
  • Lowell Elementary
  • McGilvra Elementary 
  • Muir Elementary
  • Sacajawea Elementary

An additional 17 projects will be completed by 2021: 

  • Beacon Hill International
  • Blaine (Catharine) K-8
  • Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Graham Hill Elementary 
  • Kurose (Aki) Middle School 
  • Lafayette Elementary
  • Laurelhurst Elementary 
  • Maple Elementary 
  • McClure Middle School
  • North Beach Elementary 
  • Orca K-8 at Whitworth 
  • Roxhill building (originally listed as Roxhill Elementary) 
  • Sand Point Elementary
  • Washington Middle School
  • Wedgwood Elementary 
  • Whitman Middle School 
  • View Ridge Elementary

Six schools with planned earthquake safety improvements are on the list of replacement or modernization projects planned if voters approve the BEX V Capital Levy in February 2019. The BEX IV funding for those improvements has been reserved for the BEX V project and will reduce needed BEX V budget amount: 

  • Alki Elementary 
  • Mercer Middle School
  • Montlake Elementary
  • Northgate Elementary
  • Rainier Beach High School
  • Rogers, John Elementary

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