Planning & Construction Updates

Cedar Park

School opened to students in September.

August 2015

The move of the Olympic Hills Elementary program was completed and the school team now occupies the building.

July 2015

The fire marshal signed off on the fire alarm inspection. Sidewalks and street frontage improvements, window installation, flooring and cabinet installation, and electrical and mechanical systems were all completed. The modular classroom install is complete and all classrooms have power. Work continues on technology installation, network connections, phones and classroom sound systems.

June 2015

Sidewalks and street front improvements are complete. Windows, flooring, cabinets and lighting fixture installation continues. The modular classrooms have been installed.

May 2015

Improvements are underway for sidewalks and street frontage. Installation of windows, flooring, new cabinets and lighting fixtures is complete, and the roof is nearly done.

April 2015

In April, bathroom tile work was done and fixtures installed. The new roof is underway as are sidewalks and street frontage improvements. Painting of both the interior and exterior was completed and the new boiler was installed.

March 2015

Work continues on updating the building and adding modular classrooms to prepare a temporary home for Olympic Hills.

February 2015

Structural upgrades are being done using carbon fiber technology. The roof is being replaced. Site preparation for the modular classroom addition is underway. The construction team is working on the electrical and mechanical rough in, sheer walls, and new boiler installation. Planning is underway for the Olympic Hills Elementary students, staff and teachers to move to Cedar Park while their new school is being constructed.

December 2014

Structural upgrades using carbon fiber technology will improve earthquake safety to protect students and staff. An upgraded type of roof is being installed and site preparation is underway to add modular classrooms.

November 2014

Major work in November included structural upgrades, roof replacement and site preparation for modular classrooms.

October 2014

Structural upgrades were made using carbon fiber technology. The existing roof was demolished and a new roof installed. Site preparation began for a modular classroom addition (portables).

September 2014

Work completed in September includes:

  • Abatement of hazardous materials
  • Demolition of interior structures and systems
  • Site preparation for modular classroom addition

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