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School Design Advisory Team

Arbor Heights School Design Advisory Team (SDAT)

Overview of SDAT

Arbor Heights Elementary School is an important community center within its neighborhood. As part of Seattle Public School’s Building Excellence (BEX) IV program, a replacement school is planned for Arbor Heights. The District is committed to providing facilities that enable all students to achieve to their potential through quality instructional programs. A School Design Advisory Team (SDAT) composed of committed parents, citizens and teachers has been assembled to assist in the design process to insure the community is fully vested in the planning of the new facility. Through a series of workshops, the SDAT will work with project managers and architects to develop guiding principles, planning diagrams and preliminary designs to shape the vision for the new school. SDAT’s goal is to have the recommendations complete before June 2013 so that architects can be ready to move to the next phase soon thereafter.

The SDAT selection was made by the team overseeing our project: Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Facilities Director, Construction Manager and Director for Planning, Bassetti Architects’ Principal Architect and Associate/Project Manager and Arbor Heights’ Principal Collins after reviewing applications.

SDAT Workshops Schedule

Meet the SDAT Team

The following individuals are members of the SDAT Team:

  • Casey Cheever, elementary instrumental teacher and former HVAC technician
  • John Christensen, parent, PTA President and professional land surveyor
  • Pam Cobley, parent
  • Marcia Ingerslev, first grade teacher and member of the SPS Garden Coordinators’ Team
  • Robin Murphy, former parent and architect
  • Karen Moore, parent and PTA Board Member
  • Lisa Olson, parent, PTA Board Member and school webmaster
  • Jonathon Ohta, parent and professional engineer
  • Christian Pearson, parent, early-childhood educator and architect
  • Joe Ragghianti, future parent and community member
  • Toni Reineke, retired music teacher
  • Rene’ Senos, Fauntleroy community member and landscape architect
  • Darci Severns, former & future parent and designer
  • Najat Siye, parent
  • Lonjina Verdugo, parent and graphic/interior designer
  • Alisa Weaver, kindergarten teacher and community member

Workshops and Meeting Notes

SDAT Meeting #1: April 10, 2013

Summary: Bassetti Architects and Seattle Public Schools construction management personnel presented education specifications and guiding principles to lay the foundation of our work together.

Workshop #2: School Tours

Summary: The SDAT team toured four schools across the Puget Sound region for ideas and inspiration. Schools visited: 1) Machias Elementary School, Snohomish; 2) St. Thomas School, Medina; 3) Lakeland Elementary, Federal Way; 4) Helen Keller Elementary, Kirkland (Lake Washington School District).

Workshop #3: Design Charrette

Summary: SDAT brainstormed design concepts 1) learning clusters/pods and classroom collaboration 2) space relationship within school e.g. classrooms, lunchroom, library, gym, etc. 3) site relationship of school structures and grounds. Lots of exciting ideas were discussed e.g. daylighting the creek, pedestrian/vehicle circulation, treating storm water, edible gardens, embracing the hill as an amphitheater and respecting the neighbors.

Workshop #4 Overview: Conceptual Design

Summary: Bassetti Architects and SPS presented three building and site layout options that were driven from input and ideas that arose from the design charrettes at Workshop #3. The Bassetti Architects lead a discussion where SDAT could provide immediate feedback and note the pro and con elements of each option. The Bassetti Architects and SPS will analyze the feedback and continue to refine the conceptual design and its location on the site. The updated options will be presented at the next SDAC Workshop on May 23rd.

Workshop #5

Workshop #6

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