Planning & Construction Updates

November 2016

Mechanical controls programing and building commissioning continued. Punchlist items were being addressed. Change order work continued. The mechanical permit was received for redesign of the boiler flue. 

October 2016

Mechanical controls installation and building commissioning continued. Punchlist corrections were underway. The boiler flue redesign was in review by the City of Seattle for the mechanical permit. 

September 2016

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Sept. 6, 2016, and students began school in the new building on Sept. 7, 2016. Work continued to install mechanical controls commission the building and correct punchlist items. A boiler flue redesign was submitted to the City of Seattle for a mechanical permit. 

August 2016

The school passed permit inspections for the elevator, the fire alarm, public health, and building. The temporary Certificate of Occupancy was received. Building commissioning began and the south wing punchlist was in progress. Landscaping was nearly complete. 

June 2016

South Wing: Exterior painting is complete; work continues on interior finishes, and mechanical, plumbing and electrical trim-out. North Wing: Exterior siding and window installation is complete; exterior painting, interior finish, and mechanical, plumbing and mechanical trim out are in progress. Arbor: Work is underway on exterior sheet metal flashing and windows.

May 2016

In the south wing, exterior painting, casework, and flooring continued, and siding installation was completed. The mechanical room rough-in and electrical/plumbing fixture installation is ongoing. In the north wing, work continues on siding and window installation, mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-in and the mechanical room rough in.

April 2016

At the south wing, painting, casework, acoustical ceiling grid installation, siding installation and mechanical room build out continues. At the north wing, exterior air-barrier and siding hardware installation, and window installation are in progress; mechanical/electrical/plumbing rough-in continues, and the interior gypsum wallboard is complete. The electrical transformer is set and permanent power is connected.

March 2016

Interior gypsum wallboard (GWB) has been installed throughout the south wing. Painting, casework and acoustical ceiling grid is in-progress at the south wing. Installing south wing siding. All windows have been installed in the south wing. Exterior gypsum sheathing is complete at the north wing. Interior light-gauge metal framing is complete at north wing. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough installation continues in north wing. Playfield grading is complete; drainage installation is in-progress.

February 2016

The membrane roofing on the Arbor is complete. The southeast and southwest stair towers have been erected at the south wing. Masonry, siding, and window installation is underway at the south wing. Application of the air-barrier is underway on the north wing. Spray foam insulation has been applied to the south wing. Currently hanging gypsum wallboard (GWB) in the south wing. Mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) installation in the south wing is nearly complete. The light-gauge metal framing is nearly done and exterior gypsum sheathing is underway in the north wing.

January 2016

Placed concrete slab-on-metal deck and stairs for the arbor. Erected southeast and southwest stair towers for the south wing. In the south wing, air barrier application, spray applied foam insulation installation and gypsum wallboard (GWB) hanging are underway.

Mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) installation continues in the south building. North wing roofing is nearly complete, and light gauge metal framing is in progress. Electrical installation for the north building continues.

December 2015

Completed north wing and arbor slab-on-grade. Arbor structural erection is nearly complete.

Completed south wing roofing; north wing roofing is nearly complete. Light-gauge metal framing and hollow-metal frame installation nearly complete at south wing, and is in-progress at the north wing. Mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) installation is ongoing at south building.

November 2015

Completed curb, gutter, and street paving at SW 104th Street. Roofing nearly complete for south building. Installing light-gauge metal framing and hollow-metal frame at south building.

Installation of mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) is ongoing at south building. Installing roof decking at north building.

October 2015

Completed right-of-way improvements at SW 105th Street. Relocated the Puget Sound Energy gas main relocated at SW 104th Street. Structural steel erection for the north and south buildings is nearly complete. The third floor slab-on-deck is complete for both the north and south buildings. Installation of light-gauge metal framing and hollow-metal framing continues in the south building. Work continues on mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) for the south building.

September 2015

Structural steel installation continues for the north and south buildings. In the south building, the east end of the third floor slab-on-deck is complete. The construction team backfilled the foundation at the arbor. Work continues to install light-gauge metal framing and hollow-metal frame in the south building, as does installation of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Fire and domestic water service has been installed on SW 105th Street.

August 2015

Work continues to erect structural steel for the north and south buildings. In the south building, the second floor slab-on-deck is complete. The team completed the foundation footings and walls for the arbor that spans the space between the two buildings. Mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) installation is in-progress in the south building.

July 2015

The south building slab and below-grade waterproofing are complete and erection of structure steel is in progress. The north building brace frame and footings are in place, and structural steel for that building has been delivered. The footings have been installed for the arbor connecting the north and south buildings. Work continues on the on-site storm water utilities and the gabion walls. At SW 105th Street, excavation is underway for curb and gutter.

June 2015

June work included south building foundation completion and underground electrical and plumbing installation. Work on the storm water system continues and the 60-inch storm water pipe at SW 104th Street is complete. Gabion walls are being installed. Rough grading has been done on SW 105th Street. The utility pole on SW 104th Street has been replaced and the main electrical conduit installed.

May 2015

The rammed aggregate pier is complete as excavation for foundations for the north and south buildings. Work is underway on the storm water system, replacement of a storm pipe on SW 104th Street and underground electrical and plumbing. Workers are currently installing the gabion wall.

April 2015

The Seattle School Board approved the resolution for intent to construct, the right-of-way dedication deed and sidewalk easement and the contract for phase II with Bayley Construction. The notice to proceed has been issued, the contractor has mobilized and phase II construction is underway.

March 2015

The building permit has been issued. The notice of intent to award the phase II construction contract has been issued to the apparent low bidder.

February 2015

The phase II Master Use Permit (MUP) appeal hearing was held and the MUP has been issued. The building permit is under review. Bids for phase II have been opened and a public meeting was held for the right of way dedication deed.

December 2014

Phase I storm-water detention and conveyance is complete. Phase I earthwork and soil stabilization continues. Phase II bid documents are being prepared.

November 2014

Construction document development and review continues, and the building permit application is being reviewed by the Department of Planning and Development.

Phase I construction continues including earthwork and stormwater detention system.

October 2014

The Public Health Department is reviewing the plan. The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) continues review of the building permit. SPS applied for a grading season extension for phase I work. Phase I construction continues, including demolition, earthwork, and storm water detention. The Department of Planning and Development published the Phase II Master Use Permit decision. Street improvement planning work continues.

September 2014

In September, the Construction Document phase to 95% was completed. Permitting work continues and documents were submitted to the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

August 2014

Preparation of construction documents, planning and permitting continues. The Master Use Permit signs have been posted.

July 2014

The bid for Phase I work was awarded. Work continues on construction documents, permitting and planning. 

June 2014

Construction document phase continues. The phase I bid opening occurred. Six bids were received an a recommendation of award has been issued. Permitting is underway.

May 2014

Design/development documents were reviewed by district staff. Permitting continues.

April 2014

In April, the project team completed Design Development documents and began the document review including drawings and estimate. The City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is reviewing the Phase I and Phase II Master Use Permits. The SEPA DNS (determination of non-significance) was published and an appeal received. Phase I bid documents were advertised and the Phase I Pre-Bid Walk occurred.

March 2014

Work continues on Design Development documents. 60% of the Street Improvement Plan was submitted to the city’s Department of Transportation. Departures have been approved and a summary is being developed by the city’s Department of Neighborhoods. Phase I and Phase II Master Use Plan being reviewed by DPD. The draft SEPA DNS (Determination of non-significance) has been signed. The building permit for Phase I has been submitted to DPD, and Phase I bid documents have been developed for advertisement in April.

January/February 2014

SPS completed review of the Schematic Design documents and the Schematic Design Drawings were presented to to Arbor Heights staff. The Heery consultant reviewed the Schematic Design cost model. Contract negotiations continued for the Commissioning Agent.
Held 30% Street Improvement Plan meeting with SDOT.
 The Department of Neighborhood’s Departure Committee was formed.
 Phase I MUP was submitted.
Began Design Development phase.

December 2013

The schematic design documents were reviewed. The value engineering process was completed. The Design Team submitted the schematic design cost model for review. The SEPA Checklist has been released for public comment. Hazardous Materials (HazMat) investigations have been completed. Negotiations are underway for a Commissioning Agent. At meetings with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), early feedback on the street improvement plan was solicited.

August 2013

The Board Action Report (BAR) for the Site Specific Educational Specifications was approved. The Conceptual Design was presented to the Arbor Heights neighborhood at the first community meeting. The Schematic Design phase continued. The hazardous materials (HazMat) consultant was selected and contract executed; HazMat investigations began. A Value Engineering consultant was selected.

July 2013

Site-specific education specifications (Ed Specs) and the conceptual designs were presented to Teaching and Learning and the Operations Committee. The Ed Specs were introduced to the Seattle School Board for action in August. Conceptual design estimates have been received and costs are being reconciled. The schematic design is underway. Geotechnical borings were conducted on the site and the site survey was conducted. The landmark nomination was submitted with a hearing scheduled for September 4, 2013.

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