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Address: 3800 SW Findlay Street, Seattle


Fairmount Park opened in 1964 and closed in 2007. Renovations will modernize the building and add a 12-classroom addition.

Planning Principal Announced

In January 2014, Superintendent José Banda appointed Julie Breidenbach as the new principal of Fairmount Park Elementary School. She will be the planning principal this year and remain principal when the school opens to students. Ms. Breidenbach will begin making the necessary decisions needed for a new school, including hiring teaching team leaders. She will also be connecting with families of students slated to attend Fairmount Park next year.

Julie Breidenbach comes to Fairmount Park from Thurgood Marshall, where she has been principal since 2009. Fairmount Park will have an option APP program, and Ms. Breidenbach is strong supporter of APP education. She has extensive experience in merging an APP program with a neighborhood school and is sensitive to the social and emotional needs of all students. In part, Ms. Breidenbach was selected to transfer to Fairmount Park because she is the most experienced APP principal in the district.

In addition, Ms. Breidenbach understands the issues when opening a school with an advanced learning program in a high free and reduced lunch population area, is committed to a sustainable blending of regular curriculum and APP at the school, and communicates effectively with staff, parents and students.

She is looking forward to the opportunity to open a school and work with the entire school community to build a school where children with all types of individual and special needs will feel part of an inclusive and supportive community.

A Fairmount Park school website has been established, and Ms. Breidenbach asks that all parents in West Seattle check the school’s website regularly. Meetings will be scheduled to work with families on getting the school ready to open and information on those meetings will be posted.

Letter from Superintendent Banda to West Seattle families

Visit the Fairmount Park website


$20 million*

Project Description

The project includes complete renovation and modernization of the existing building and construction of a 200-seat classroom addition. This project addresses current and projected elementary enrollment growth in West Seattle by adding capacity of 500 seats.

Modernization includes:

  • Abatement and demolition of unnecessary site structures.
  • Abatement and demolition of interior spaces as necessary to reconfigure for optimum use.
  • Rehabilitation of building envelope including roof replacement, exterior wall updates and painting, and installation of energy efficient windows.
  • Structural work and earthquake retrofitting including installation of roof diaphragm, tying roof structure to supporting walls, and installing lateral bracing systems.
  • Interior finish work such as replacing floor and ceiling finishes and complete repainting.
  • Addressing accessibility issues such as wheelchair access, restroom sizes, and accessible fixtures.
  • Renovation or replacement of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Technology upgrades such as building-wide wi-fi and data networks.
  • Installation of new fire alarm and sprinkler systems.
  • Installation of new clock/intercom system.
  • New furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • Site work including new on-site bus load/unload zone, playground repaving and game line striping, energy-efficient lighting, expansion of the loading dock, and restriping of the parking lot.

Project Sustainability Features

  • Centrally monitored energy management system for heating, ventilation, and power
  • Lighting controls
  • Finish materials containing recycled content
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Roof and exterior wall insulation exceeding code minimum R-value
  • New energy efficient exterior windows with many oriented to maximize daylight but minimize solar heat gain
  • High-efficiency boiler system
  • Low-maintenance landscaping

Schedule Overview

Design work started: 2012.

Estimated construction start: May 2013

Estimated school opening: Fall 2014

*Budget includes funds from Building Excellence III (BEX III) levy

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